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Anne Barone was not born fat. But she achieved that state very quickly. Raised in fried chicken and homemade pie country, in childhood and adolescence she grew fatter and fatter — despite diets, diets and more diets!

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Then, in her mid­-20s, Anne Barone discovered chic French women’s techniques for eating well and staying slim — and for dressing chic on a small budget.

Anne Barone lost 55 pounds and acquired a chic French wardrobe.

You can too.


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Anne Barone after losing weight with french-inspired chic & slim techniquesAnne Barone after learning chic French women's slimming techniques

Chicer and slimmer, Anne Barone returned to the USA to find a nation growing sloppier and fatter. Oh dear! Women needed those French techniques. Impressed with her system for staying slim, Anne's doctor encouraged her to write a book.

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Chic & Slim Books By Anne Barone

Chic & Slim BOOKS: In 1997, Anne Barone published her first book Chic & Slim: how those chic French women eat all that rich food and still stay slim. More Chic & Slim books followed. Her latest book Chic & Slim Toujours: aging beautifully like those chic French women reveals French secrets for dressing chic and staying slim age 50+. heade

Chic & Slim WEBSITE: Following publication of the first Chic & Slim book, Anne Barone created this companion website. The NOUVELLES-NEWS section gives you updated information and answers your questions about living chic and staying slim à la française.

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ANNE BARONE TODAY: With chic French women’s techniques, Anne Barone became slim in her mid-20s. With her translation of those techniques, she has stayed slim more than 40 years. Now 68, Anne Barone lives in Texas where she is attempting to create a bit of French Provence on the North Texas plains. “Far enough in the country to grow eggplant, apricots and lavender. But close enough to Dallas to make the sales at Neiman Marcus.”

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chic & slim à la française

for savvy women who want to dress chic and stay slim