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|| 18 September 2016

Amber Rudd’s Fashion Faux Pas

One of the questions I have received often here at the Chic & Slim website is: What do I wear to look chic in Paris?

Our Chic & Slim special correspondent Kat again reporting from France, gives us a good idea of what NOT to wear. Her update arrived in the form of a clipping from The Times of London about the outfit chosen by British Home Secretary Amber Rudd for her recent visit to Paris.

Unfortunately, the Times requires subscriptions, so for those of you who are not subscribers, you can only see a portion of the photo and the intro to the article by Harriet Walker at the link I provide below. But here are some excerpts from the article.

Harriet Walker describes Amber Rudd’s outfit as “one large crumple with sleeves attached.”

As for the blue shoes Amber Rudd wore with her pant suit:

And then there are Rudd’s brogues. In London, these would have a certain boho flair. In Paris there is doubtless a French idiom involving a pair of blue brogues, your uncle’s chicken and the village idiot. Suffice it to say, the only other person walking round the French capital in blue brogues probably works for the Cirque du Soleil.

By wearing a T-shirt, for the occasion, the home secretary has also unwittingly signaled that she’s in holiday mode and will later be nipping down to the nearest [supermarket] to pick up some barbecue meat and an inflatable football.

Harriet Walker has a piece of advice for travelers who want to arrive in Paris looking chic:

Yet the previous [Home Secretary, now Prime Minister] Theresa May, set the bar high for Home Office dress code, with leopard print and pencil skirt. To live up to her standards, I’d recommend Paul Smith’s new and techie crease-resistant travel suit for anybody jetting between European capitals on a regular basis.

The Telegraph UK, also published an article on the Amber Rudd's outfit with many accompanying photos of various politicians and celebrities wearing pant suits. Most of which would have been more appropriate for Paris than Amber Rudd's. While Theresa May might have won points with leopard print shoes and pencil skirt, I don’t think she wore to Paris that blue plaid pant suit we see in one of the Telegraph article photos.

The article in The Times UK by Harriet Walker on Amber Rudd’s fashion.

The Telegraph UK article about Amber Rudd's fashion faux pas pant suit.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat's clipping about Amber Rudd fashion faux pas. Anne's new English china teacup, gift of Chic & Slim reader. Merci, Kat and Susan.