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image: (in pink coat) Sarah Miller Coulson, Regent of Mount Vernon, welcoming President and Mme Macron.

Sarah Miller Coulson welcoming Macrons

|| 3 May 2018

Avoiding “Old-Lady Hair”

Recently Chic & Slim reader Rocki, who was reading the new Toujours 2, emailed:

Anne - the last 2 pages of your hair chapter had me laughing out loud. I have so many friends with “old lady hair.” I’m always wanting to tell them it makes them look 10-20 years older than they are.

I’m really enjoying the book. — Rocki

Rocki lived for many years here in the same city that I do. She is totally familiar with the style of hair I am describing in Toujours 2.

Rocki herself has glorious certain age hair, natural gray in a longer bob. In recent photos of her daughter’s wedding she emailed to me her hair looked wonderful with her chic black and white ensemble. I especially noted the similarity to the black and white striped jacket worn by the chic French woman on the cover of Toujours 2.

Another example of chic certain age hair is that of the woman in pink in the images at the top of this page. She is Sarah Miller Coulson, a wealthy philanthropist who is currently Regent of Mount Vernon. The photos above appeared on the Closer website (Sorry, I have lost the link, but I believe the photos were taken by the Bestimage photographer) The above images appeared in a slideshow of the French persidential visit to Mount Vernon. In these two photos, Mrs. Coulson is welcoming the president of France and Mme Macron to Mount Vernon on their recent US visit.

In the Hair chapter of Chic & Slim Toujours 2, you can find much information about how to have glorious hair no matter what your age or type of hair.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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