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|| 21 October 2018

10 distractions from between-meal hunger

Sometimes I get hungry — and mealtime is still an hour or more away. What to do other than eat? Long ago I learned that for staying slim, the best thing to prevent eating between meals is to distract myself for 10 to 15 minutes. With my mind and hands busy, usually those hunger sensations vanish.

Below are 10 tasks I find useful distractions from between-meal hunger.

Hand laundry.

Pulling weeds. I ALWAYS have a few weeds that need attention.

Polishing toenails. Even in winter.

Taking a short walk. Around the block will do. Just don’t walk past some place that sells food.

10 minutes of stretching exercises.

Brushing a pet.

Sewing on a loose button or mending a tear.

Polishing a pair of shoes.

Buffing fingernails.

Vacuuming the lampshades.

You can likely think of other distractions more suitable to your lifestyle. Just remember to do one of them when you suffer distracting between-meal hunger.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : closeup of yellow chrysanthemums