Brigitte Macron Canada G7 Summit Fashions

|| 10 June 2018

Brigitte Macron in Canada for G7

Brigitte Macron loves blue. The color is prominent in the outfits she has chosen to wear to the G7 Summit in Canada.

As often is the case, both The Express (UK) and The Daily Mail feature photos of the French first lady’s outfits for important international functions.

The Express: Brigitte Macron: The stylish First Lady kicked off the G7 summit in a striking blue dress

Also coming to just above the knee, the coat complemented Brigitte's glowing tanned skin, drawing attention to her famously slim limbs.

Her usually perfect blow dry looked windswept and slightly dishevelled, adding to the First Lady’s approachable demeanour.

Brigitte Macron in The Express

The Daily Mail: Très glam! Brigitte Macron goes from casual to chic by trading her $1,200 Breton-striped sweater and pants for a colorful dress and high heels during Quebec visit with husband Emmanuel

Brigitte Macron in The Daily Mail

In non-fashion matters for the French first lady, Brigitte Macron has recently announced that she has chosen as her special project a campaign against school bullying. This is a problem with which Mme Macron surely became familiar during her 30 years as a high school teacher.

Images: (left) President and Brigitte Macron in Canada 2018 (right) with Prime Minister and Mrs. Trudeau. Images via Paris Match (left) and Closer (right)

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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