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Banner Duke Ellington School in Washington DC

|| 26 April 2018

Brigitte Macron Visits Arts School and Encounters Mr. T

Protocol was strict for the official state visit of French president Emmanuel Macron and his wife to the United States. As Brigitte Macron reported in a French radio RTL interview on her return to Paris: "There was a small label on the floor, so I put myself where I am told to put myself.” Still the former high school teacher did manage, as she termed it, to “play truant.”

The French first lady visited a Georgetown arts school where in addition to meeting students and teachers, she encountered Mr. T. Remember Mr. T from the TV series “The A-Team”?

The Daily Mail has an article and delightful photos of Brigitte Macron’s visit to the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C.

Below the arts school visit photos there are photos from the official visit. If you scroll down to the next-to-last photo, you can clearly see the marks on the floor — and Brigitte Macron and Melania Trump with their stilettos on their marks. Well, Melania's feet are exactly on the mark. In the photo captioned "Matching First Ladies," Brigitte is a bit off her mark. But then the French first lady freely admits she has always been something of a rebel.

image: Banner Duke Ellington arts school in Washington D. C.

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