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17 May 2018

Colette Maze 104: Secrets to Aging Beautifully

French pianist Colette Maze at her piano

image: Colette Maze at her piano via L'Obs article

This morning I received an email from Joyce in Griggs who wrote:

Yesterday as I was driving to town, I was listening to public radio.  They were playing a piano piece from a new release by a French woman Colette Maze.  It was her first release — she was 104 years old.  I would say that she aged beautifully.

Aging beautifully, bien sûr. Recently Colette Maze shared her secrets of longevity with Jérôme Garcin of the weekly French news magazine L’Obs.

Colette Maze who was born in Paris just before the outbreak of World War I studied piano at l'Ecole normale de Musique de Paris, with Alfred Cortot and Nadia Boulanger.

With a long career as a piano teacher, Mme Maze believes in the virtue of work. Even at her advanced age, she practices piano four hours a day and keeps her fingers limber with une gymnastique élémentaire, basic exercises for her hands, arms and chest.

She attributes her long healthy life to each day including in her diet three fresh eggs and a glass of Graves (a Bordeaux wine) augmented with a little brie and chocolate. But the most important factor she believes is her passion for music, particularly that of her favorite composer Claude Debussy whose works she plays (along with those of other favorite composers) on her newly released album 104 Ans de piano104 Years of Piano (Continuo Classics).

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