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|| 13 December 2019

Foiling Holiday Food Pushers

It’s the season. My neighbor showed up at my door (again this year) with a high-calorie, sugared gift. Last year it was a large quantity of chocolate fudge. This year, a butter cake heavily iced in what I am sure was that canned confectioner’s sugar frosting.

butter cake in Christmas wrapping on a table with lamp and books — and small red glass Christmas bell

image: the Food Pusher’s Christmas butter cake

I did not do a scientific analysis, but I suspected the cake itself might have been made from a chemical-ladened commercial boxed mix. The cake was of a size that would easily feed 30. It was prettily wrapped, however. As my neighbor presented the cake, she said, “We know this isn’t good for us at our age.”

I did not say the obvious: “So if it is unhealthy, why are you giving it to me?” I know the answer. I have written about this “food pusher” problem in the Chic & Slim books — and from time to time on the Chic & Slim website.

It annoys my neighbor exceedingly that I stay slim. She is overweight. She is also very competitive. But rather than follow sensible eating habits and lose weight, she gives me gifts of high-calorie food in hopes that I will eat them and gain weight.

Anyone who eats in a sensible, healthy manner has to contend with food pushers all the time. And if did not have my Chic & Slim techniques for dealing with these people, I would never have lost 55 pounds and kept the fat off for more than 50 years.

The medical facts are clear. Refined sugar has been shown to promote not just excess weight, but more serious problems, including high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease — not to mention mental decline.

So what did I do with the Food Pusher’s butter cake?

As soon as I took the photo for this Nouvelles, I put the cake in a garbage bag and carried it to the alley dumpster.

This holiday season don’t let Food Pushers sabotage your good intentions to eat healthy and stay slim. Surely somewhere near you there is a dumpster.

be chic, stay slimAnne Barone