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|| 2 March 2020

Diana Taylor: Chic, Slim, Certain Age — and American

Several months ago when Michael Bloomberg announced his candidacy for president, I became curious about his longtime partner Diana Taylor. I remembered photos of Ms. Taylor, always chic, and often in elegant evening dress, from the years when Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City.

When, more recently, I went looking for more information about Diana Taylor, all I found were articles from those past mayoral years.

But today 2 March 2020 the New York Times has given us an in-depth portrait of this former New York State Superintendent of Banks.

The most fun part of the article for me was the account of how, when Diana Taylor found herself trapped in a bathroom because the door knob fell off, she climbed out the window onto an air-conditioning unit, jumped to the ground and walked backed to the party. The woman is 65.

Brace yourself for what Diana Taylor says is Micheal Bloomberg’s menu choice for a romantic dinner. (And he cooks and does the dishes.) If you are shocked, just keep in mind that even though Micheal Bloomberg is today one of the richest men in the world worth somewhere around $64 billion, he comes from a frugal middle-class background.

Most interesting statement in the article about Diana Taylor:

In a way, it is odd that Ms. Taylor should find herself in the spotlight solely for the purpose of supporting a man’s ambitions. She has spent a lifetime navigating a world of men, always succeeding on her own.

Article about Diana Taylor in the NY Times

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