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|| 3 January 2020

Fashion Trends 2020

trend images below courtesy of brands

montage of fashion trends 2020

My stocktaking of my 2019 was NOT satisfying. Plagued by health concerns. Not much accomplished in the way of book writing or website redesign. Finished repainting the office by the end of March, but continual interruptions prevented the work on the hallway and bedroom. Too much time spent trying to cope with my too-large garden.

But I am determined: In 2020 I Will Accomplish More.

Of course, everything works better when your personal style is comfortable and flattering. And without being “too trendy,” it often raises the spirits to be reasonably “in style.”

So what are the fashion trends for 2020?

The article that comes up tops on a Google search is on I checked out the forecast and was pleased to discover that I have several 2020 trends on hand in my closet.

First, Midi and Maxi Denim Skirts.

I can’t remember exactly when I bought the Ralph Lauren denim skirt I am wearing in that photo below. But I had this skirt several years when the photo was taken in July 2007. The skirt has begun to fade a little now more than a dozen years (and many washings) later, but it still looks great.

Anne Barone in garden wearing maxi denim skirt and pink sleeveless top

As for other 2020 trends in my closet, I have the Roomy Blazer — and though the trend article also lists Leather All Year, I think both my black leather skirt and black leather pants would be a little much when the daytime temperatures here at Provence-sur-la-Prairie climb over 100 F. in August. But the pants or skirt will be great this winter — and on chilly, rainy days in spring.

While I have no suits with Bermuda Shorts for the pants, I have a pair of pants that could be cut off and hemmed to meet that trend definition. The shorts could be worn with my Roomy Blazer.

You can read the Cosmopolitan 2020 Trends here.

After you see what Cosmopolitan forecasts, check your closet. You may, like me, find you have several of the trends already there. No purchases necessary.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone