new first lady walking in street parade

|| 22 January 2017

First Lady Fashion

Whatever our political persuasion, we are interested in fashion. Vanessa Friedman, chief fashion critic for The New York Times gave new American First Lady Melania Trump high marks for her Inaugural fashion choices. Vanessa Friedman wrote:

In the end, she checked every box. Elegant, unexpected dress? Check. Unknown designer elevated to overnight sensation? Check. New York brand? Check. Implicit message about cooperation and embracing the melting pot? Check.

In an architectural off-the-shoulder white crepe column with a thin burgundy ribbon as a belt, a high slit and a gazar wave curving from sleeve to hip and then down the skirt, she looked — especially when compared with the younger generation of Trump women — understated and adult.

The gown was a “collaboration” between Mrs. Trump and the designer Hervé Pierre, a Frenchman who moved to New York in the early 1990s. (You can have your French designer and still "Buy American.")

As for her arrival in Washington the day before the Inauguration:

[She] stepped off the military jet in a strict, double-breasted military-inspired coat by Norisol Ferrari, a small, independent New York designer who described herself to WWD as a “first-generation minority woman.”

About the Ralph Lauren powder-blue double-face cashmere dress and coat Melania Trump wore to the Inauguration Day festivities, Vanessa Friedman wrote:

The dress and coat he made for Mrs. Trump, in shape and shade, created an image that was redolent of nothing so much as Jacqueline Kennedy at her Camelot inaugural, with all the new beginnings and freighted history that implies. Whatever you think of the reality of that connection — and on social media, there was a lot of verbal eye-rolling — the outfit oozed appropriateness.

Appropriateness is important for chic. And whatever our political persuasion, we have to be impressed by a woman who can march in a street parade wearing 5-inch heels.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone