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|| 2 January 2019

Food Additives

In the USA, our Food and Drug Administration permits drugs used in animal growth and food additives that are prohibited in Europe. One reason for this prohibition is that these ingredients are believed to be potentially cancer-causing. Another reason: one in particular used in some citrus-flavored soft drinks in the USA has been demonstrated — if allowed to build up in the body — to potentially cause memory loss and skin and nerve problems. Oh dear !

What exactly are these drugs and additives in many of our foods?

The New York Times Well blog has compiled a list. The article begins:

“The European Union prohibits or severely restricts many food additives that have been linked to cancer that are still used in American-made bread, cookies, soft drinks and other processed foods. Europe also bars the use of several drugs that are used in farm animals in the United States, and many European countries limit the cultivation and import of genetically modified foods.”

As I read the part of the article subtitled “Farm Animal Drugs” a question occurred to me: Since these drugs are given to food animals to increase weight gain, does the residue of these drugs in the meat cause those who eat the meat to gain weight? Have there been any studies to test this possibility?

What Foods Are Banned in Europe but Not Banned in the U.S.?

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