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|| 2 February 2017

French Refill Ban

In last Sunday’s Nouvelles I pointed out there was a reason I made Culture the first chapter in the original Chic & Slim book about how those chic French women eat all that rich food and still stay slim. French women get help (pressure) to be slim from French culture. The French also get help for staying slim from French government laws and regulations.

Last week in France they passed a new law that prohibits free or unlimited refills of sodas and other sugary drinks in restaurants. French national obesity rate is rising and the law aims to limit obesity and diabetes, particularly in the young.

Two alert readers sent links to media reports about this new law. Merci, to Jane here in Texas (Dallas, I think) who reported an article in The New York Times. Merci also to Ann Leslie in NY who sent a link to an article about the new law in the Christian Science Monitor. Both articles focus on the law, but have different accompanying information of Chic & Slim interest.

France Bans Free Soda Refills in Attack on Obesity - NYTimes

In 2004, France banned vending machines from schools. In 2011, it limited servings of french fries to once a week in school cafeterias. A year later, it imposed a “soda tax.” On Friday, the government said no restaurants can offer free refills of sodas and other sugary drinks. The new regulation is the latest attempt to tackle what the government called a relentless rise in the national obesity rate. Fast-food restaurants, usually foreign chains, are expected to be targeted under the new law.

Why France now bans unlimited soda refills - CS Monitor

Five years after passing a tax on soft drinks, France now officially bans unlimited refills of sugary drinks across the country. Aiming to fight obesity, France’s new all-you-can-drink ban is the latest move amidst a growing global trend, as cities and countries try to reduce overconsumption of sweetened drinks.

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