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|| 11 january 2015

Anti-Terrorism Rally in Paris

Today, as it has been for the past several days, the world is focused on France — and on the grand anti-terrorism rally and march in Paris.

This morning, in The New York Times, columnist Ross Douthat writes in “France, the Crucible of Europe:”

It is increasingly clear that the Continent’s future will be determined by the French.

. . . . notwithstanding declinist fears, France isn’t actually irrelevant or spent. Instead, it’s arguably becoming more important, more central to the fate of Europe and the West.

The op-ed concludes:

. . . . there’s an important intellectual possibility — namely, that if there’s something beyond the West’s current end-of-history torpor, some new ideological conflict or synthesis, it might emerge first in the place where so many revolutions had their birth.

France has always been a country of extremes — absolutist and republican, Catholic and anticlerical, Communist and fascist. Now it’s once again the place where strong forces are colliding, and where the culture’s uncertainties — about Islam, secularism, nationalism, Europe; about modernity itself — suggest that new ones might soon be born.

The decline has been real, but the future is unwritten. If there is real history yet to be made in Europe, for good or ill, it might be made first in la belle France.

As we of Chic & Slim know, France through the years has generated many good ideas and powerful solutions to problems that affect all areas of life. So we can be hopeful.

— Anne Barone

|| 8 january 2015

Free Speech

The news of the terrorist attack in Paris leaves us saddened and disturbed. Those of us who feel French in spirit — if not in actual nationality — feel a kinship with that nation in its time of mourning the 12 who lost their lives and concern for the 11 wounded.

In the free world, the right to free speech is cherished. Even when the manner in which an opinion is spoken or written is offensive and in questionable taste, we allow and defend the right to speak and write, because in doing so, we protect and preserve our own right to speak and write what we believe.

French boîte à recettes (recipe box) front and back view

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