portion brown & white checked scarf with gray text: Winter Chic

|| 5 January 2017

French Chic In Winter

Our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat has been back in France. While out shopping she spotted an excellent example of certain age French chic all dressed up for cold weather. Kat wrote:

I must tell you about a woman I spotted in a Pont L'Eveque fruitier. In her 60's, quite tall and slim, silver/blonde hair, dead straight, cut in a bob to the base of the neck, but the front, which would have fallen over her face, was pulled back with a tortoise-shell clip on the top of her head, letting a few strands fall forward onto her tortoise-shell framed glasses.

Not a speck of makeup, a few lines, but good, clear skin. Wearing a longish loose jacket, winter white, with grey shadow checks, a bit fluffy, dark grey tight pants, dark grey bottines. With this a HUGE knitted scarf, winter white and cinnamon brown check, wound round and round her neck, and cinnamon brown big, soft shoulder bag.

The whole thing was absolutely exquisite, appropriate to the weather, and to shopping in a small country town, but would work just as well in Paris. What made it so special was the idea of accessorising the grey with brown.

It was a perfect example of the move away from BCBG style, which "Paris Street Style" describes.

[Refering to a comment in the Nouvelles about the book Paris Street Style] I know what you mean about the illustrations in that book, but, as you said in your "Nouvelles", the text is the thing. After all, the woman featured were all in the fashion business, one way or another, and the breed tends to be unusually skinny or tall, or both.

Image : brown & white checked scarf

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