collage of French interiors

|| 6 August 2017

French Interiors

French women manage to create an effortless chic lifestyle — just as they do their effortlessly chic personal style.

What fundamentals guide French women for decorating the interior of their homes for that effortless chic lifestyle? UK’s Country Living magazine has identified 7 important French interior design principles.

As I read the article and studied the accompanying photos, I was happy to note that I had been following 6 of the 7 French principles in the redecoration of this 1929 house here at Provence-sur-la-Prairie. But not the "opt for anti-decor" principle. And I feel certain that most French women would be as unlikely as I to paint their bedroom walls black — and to hang something from the ceiling that looks very much like a device for torture.

Merci to Chic & Slim reader Susan in Hamilton who sent the link for this interesting article.

Country Living (UK) article: 7 French interior design rules to live by for an "effortlessly" chic lifestyle

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : 3 French interiors via Country Living