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selection of pasteries at Lune Croissanterie in Melbourne

|| 14 April 2016

World’s Best Croissants — in Melbourne?

I seem to be focused on pastry lately. But since in the last Nouvelles I gave you gluten-free French pastry, I thought it only fair to give equal time to the traditional. And, anyway, who could imagine that two of the world’s major newspapers would be writing about the excellence of Australian croissants?

So. Are the world’s best croissants now made in Melbourne? Has the epicenter of buttery and tender flaky moved from France to Australia?

Oliver Strand, recently writing in The New York Times is of that opinion. Calla Wahlquist of The Guardian seems to have devoted enough concentrated research to verifying the validity of Oliver Strand’s claim that she may have gained a dress size.

The croissanterie currently producing these lauded pastries is Lune Croissanterie founded by Kate Reid and her brother Cameron. Please note the photos of this sister and brother team of pastry producers. Both are slim. You can have your pastry — and a slim body too.

Oliver Strand’s NYTimes article

Calla Wahlquist’s article in The Guardian

image: selection of pasteries at Lune Croissanterie via Instagram

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