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updated || 13 April 2017

French Anti-Aging Facial Massage

The article linked in last Sunday’s Nouvelles (9 April 2017) included an explanation of the role facial massage plays in keeping chic French women looking youthful. Today a link to a video on the website of the French women’s magazine Femme Actuelle. Céline Savary demostrates a gestuelle, an at-home anti-aging facial massage.

Even those who do not speak French, will probably catch that the first product she applies is a serum, the second a cream. Massage one side of the face, then the other. How long should you massage your face each day? 10 minutes a day will surely result in improvement. This facial massage is simple. The simpler your routine, the more likely you will do it regularly.

French Anti-Aging Gestuelle Video

|| 9 April 2017

Why Chic French Women Look Younger Than Age

They do, don’t they.? Recently Chic & Slim reader Carol sent a link to a Telegraph (UK) article titled “Why do French women look 3.4 years younger than us?” She included a note:

Anne, I thought your readers may enjoy this short article confirming so much you have written about French skincare in your books over the years.

Merci, Carol. Yes, the French skincare system presented in this article is the one that I have written about in the Chic & Slim books. The article begins with the point I stress in Chic & Slim Toujours: aging beautifully like those chic French women: Start Early.

French women don’t wait until they begin to see lines and sags. They start taking care of their skin when they are in their teens. That care includes eating sensibly as well as using skincare products and techniques.

French women also devote more money and effort to skincare than most other nationalities. As the article points out, though chic French women will buy the products to cleanse and tone at the pharmacy, they usually spend money on their serum. A popular one is Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Complex. This serum has long been a bestseller in France. Interesting to me, because Estée Lauder is an American company whose products compete with all those French skincare lines.

The article also points out that chic French women do not neglect their décolletage. I would add that they also do not neglect their hands. Too often, in the USA, I see women who have have taken care to erase 20 years from their faces, but their hands show their real age. Use those skincare products on the back of your hands, too.

French women have never given up facial massage. While they might have a professional facial massage as often as they can afford it, French women incorporate facial massage into their nightly skincare routine.

The last point of the article seems the hardest for American women to emulate. French women do not wear foundation. They think it emphasizes lines and wrinkles. Oh, dear !

Why do French women look 3.4 years younger than us? Read article.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : Chic French woman looking younger than age courtesy Telegraph article