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|| 22 July 2016

High-Fat Mediterranean Diet Benefits

More good news. In the previous Nouvelles I pointed you toward information about how to eat bread healthfully. Today there is more good news. About fats.

Lots of benefits to eating fats — as long as you are mostly eating “healthy” fats. Healthy fats are those found in what is often called the Mediterranean diet. In the South of France, this diet rich in olive oil, eggs, nuts and fish, and eaten with generous amounts of vegetables and fruits helps keep the French slim and healthy.

We have long known that a Mediterranean diet was a good way to prevent heart disease. But now it appears that this way of eating is also associated with a lower risk of breast cancer and type 2 diabetes.

This CNN article contains a handy checklist for what constitutes the Mediterranean style of eating. I was delighted to see that my own Chic & Slim style of eating incorporated all seven Mediterranean components listed.

More benefits to a high-fat Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet has also been found to be good for our bones. That is certainly good news for those of us who are certain age.

Mediterranean diet wins again, helps bones

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : a Mediterranean diet meal