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|| 26 February 2017

Isabelle Huppert: Chic French Certain Age Fashion Icon

She is French, chic, slim, 63 and recently has become an international fashion icon. French actress Isabelle Huppert has captured attention with her marvelous examples of effortless French certain age chic. Her award-winning performance in the 2016 rape revenge comedy drama thriller Elle has won her Best Actress awards. For her performance as Michèle, she won the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes and at the Cesars, the French version of the Oscars. Isabelle Huppert is a Best Actress nominee for the Oscar’s.

Recent media articles about Isabelle Huppert note that outside France, the actress is not well known. Readers of Chic & Slim Toujours: aging beautifully like those chic French women, however, met the French actress in the opening paragraphs of the section on Arms. I commented there on the then 57-year-old Isabelle Huppert’s toned upper arms.

A. O. Scott reviewing Elle for The New York Times said of the film and Isabelle Huppert’s performance:

Mostly, though — inarguably, I would say — [the film] is a platform for the astonishing, almost terrifying talent of Isabelle Huppert. Ms. Huppert, onscreen for virtually every second, gives “Elle” much of its fascination and most of its coherence. In the pages of David Birke’s script or Mr. Djian’s novel, her character, Michèle Leblanc, may or may not be a stable literary construct, but as embodied by Ms. Huppert, she possesses the sublime credibility of a classic film heroine. Ms. Huppert has the unrivaled ability to fuse contradictory traits and actions into a singular, complex and endlessly interesting personality. The movie’s title is succinct and comprehensive. It’s all about her.

The background for Elle, the film that is recently winning Isabelle Huppert awards, is that after reading the novel Oh… by Philippe Djian, the actress approached the producer with the idea for a film based on the novel and suggested the director. After which the producer and director took her idea to Hollywood and proceeded to offer the role of Michèle to numerous other actresses (who turned it down) before returning to France to offer the part to Isabelle Huppert.

A Spanish proverb assures us that “Living well is the best revenge.” In this case, Isabelle Huppert’s best revenge against the producer and director who originally snubbed her for the lead role, is to win numerous awards for her performance. And, in addition, to become, at 63, an international fashion icon.

Below are links to 4 recent articles about Isabelle Huppert.


How French Women Get Dressed for the Oscars According to Isabelle Huppert and Her Stylist

Parisian chic may be all about effortlessness, but there’s nothing effortless about an Oscars red carpet. By combining sharp glamour with a soft, stylish ease, Francophone stars, including Huppert, are often the ones who stun and surprise the most. Read Vogue article

Telegraph UK

How Isabelle Huppert’s grown-up French style made her a surprise fashion star at the Golden Globes

Her day-to-day style consists of all the now-cliche markers of French chic; jeans, tailored jackets, skinny neckties and even Breton tops. But with her authenticity (she was born in Paris in 1953) the look suddenly feels sophisticated and easy. Read Telegraph UK article


Isabelle Huppert: 'Men aren't afraid of women the way women are afraid of men'

France’s art house star has received her first Oscar nomination for the rape revenge thriller Elle. She explains why her character is a ‘post-feminist heroine’ – and why she wanted the controversial role that Hollywood actors wouldn’t touch. Read Guardian article

New York Times

Isabelle Huppert: ‘The Best Way to Please Is Not to Please’

Combined with an apparently uncontrived chic, her subversiveness has lately transformed Ms. Huppert, who is mostly known in the United States to an art house crowd, into a red carpet diva and the unlikely darling of the fashion set.

From the NYT article:

She had dressed for breakfast at the Beverly Wilshire in a crisply tailored jacket, its deep green and coral pattern setting off her shoulder-length russet hair. Who designed the jacket? Her features furrowed briefly as she removed it to check the label, exclaiming with what seemed genuine surprise: “It’s J. Crew. Can you imagine?”

The jacket, which she wore over a pale coral Chloé blouse and slim trousers, was consistent with a style Ms. Huppert has refined over time, a look that is mostly defined by slim trousers, tailored jackets and coats, understated evening wear, and the occasional provocative accent (those tiny Repossi cuffs snaking up her ear). Immaculately assembled as they may be, her ensembles are “worn with the effortlessness that Frenchwomen seem to naturally possess,” Allyson Payer of Who What Wear posted. Read New York Times article

iimage: (left) Isabelle Huppert at Cannes by Georges Biard via Creative Commons (center) Elle film poster courtesy Sony Classics (right) Isabelle Huppert holdiing award, photo by Petr Novák via Wikipedia.

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