Scene from Jane Fonda's latest film Book Cllub

Image: Scene from Jane Fonda's latest film Book Cllub also starring Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen. Photo compliments Allstar/Paramount Pictures.

|| 31 May 2018

Jane Fonda is 80.

One day in the late 1970s I was chatting with a neighbor. I mentioned that I had just received the latest issue of [can't remember exactly which] women’s magazine. The cover story, I told the neighbor, was “Jane Fonda is 40.”

My neighbor looked stunned. Then she wailed, “Jane Fonda CAN’T be 40.”

But she was. And that was 40 years ago. Now Jane Fonda is 80. She is still making films, still making exercise videos, still as politically active as ever. She also stars in a successful television series Grace and Frankie.

In my 40s, I regularly worked out to Jane Fonda’s exercise videos. (An uncle — the one who made Archie Bunker sound like a liberal — insisted on referring to Jane Fonda’s workouts as “communist exercises” because of her protests against the Vietnam War.) As I have followed Jane Fonda’s career through the decades, I have always believed that those years she lived in France when married to her first husband, the film director Roger Vadim, had a strong impact on her later lifestyle choices. The French are inclined to protest (as they currently are against various of Macron’s policies). Especially in the years Jane Fonda lived in France, the French got much more exercise than Americans. The French certainly ate better. French women aged splendidly as they do now.

Sophie Haewood recently interviewed Jane Fonda for an article in The Guardian. Since I had not been keeping up with Jane Fonda of late, I was surprised to learn (among other interesting facts in the article) that Jane Fonda has undergone two face lifts — and two hip replacements.

You can read The Guardian interview with Jane Fonda

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