Anne's backyard iris. colors muted

| 30 March 2017

Keep Trying. Something Will Work

Some days the world seems grayish-green. This is one of those mornings that, if I did not have a Nouvelles to write, I would probably go back to bed. I have a splitting sinus headache. And if I finish that project I began yesterday to remove some strange wax the previous owner applied to the kitchen vinyl flooring, I will probably still have a headache when I finish. (Even with door and windows open, the fumes from a mixture of household ammonia, boiling water and powdered dishwasher detergent, can make your sinuses very unhappy)

But having tried a dozen other products and techniques — and FINALLY found one that works, I can’t quit now. Not unless I want my kitchen floor to look even stranger than it did before.

The photo at page top is my approximation of how I imagine a grayish-green world would look. Below is how my iris actually look after the spring shower we had Tuesday night. It’s the view I have as I work here at the computer. Just think! Eight years ago, this area was just tall weeds.


Anne's backyard iris after recent rain.


A lesson here for staying slim — or for finally finding a solution to any thorny problem. If you persist in trying different things, eventually you will find a method that works. Though I certainly hope that it does not take you eight years to find it. And I hope it doesn’t give you a headache and make your morning after look grayish-green.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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|| 26 March 2017

Finding The Right Jeans

Jeans. These days almost every woman finds an occasion for which she needs a pair of jeans. But finding the right jeans, that fit well and look great, isn’t easy for every woman. Last Sunday’s Nouvelles recommended a Guardian article (link included with this article) about Paris shopping. After reading the shopping article, our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat visited the Dress Like A Parisian website of the shopping guide Aloïs Guinut of the article. Our special correspondent, who says she isn’t a jeans type, was inspired by Aloïs Guinut’s advice on Levi’s 501 and 505 jeans to go shopping. She shares her experience. More . . .

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|| 23 March 2017

London Attacks - Special Correspondent - French Students

Yesterday mid-day when I first learned of the terrorist attack in London, my first thought was our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent. I knew that she lives not far from where the attack occurred. Though I was reasonably sure she was safe, I emailed to ask for confirmation. More . . .