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|| 20 november 2014

Le Tweetclash

Sons of former French president Nicolas Sarkozy and former French first lady Valerie Trierweiler are having a spat on Tweeter, the French Twitter.

I missed the first round which apparently began last summer. But battle continues between the two French teens of political parentage. Newsweek begins their account:

The teenage sons of former president of France Nicolas Sarkozy and former first lady Valerie Trierweiler are embroiled in a fierce battle on Twitter which has gripped the nation.

Louis Sarkozy and Léonard Trierweiler, both 17, have been insulting each other via the social media platform on and off for several months in a conflict dubbed “le tweetclash” by the French media.

Just think! If we had Twitter back in the early days of the Bush presidency, we might have been entertained by a twitterclash between Chelsea Clinton and the Bush twins. But probably not.

You can read Newsweek’s Account of Le Tweetclash.

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