Les Inventions with director Patrick Aryton

|| 23 October 2016

Les Inventions: Touchemoulin

Music can alter mood. Soothe, raise goose-bumps, or lift spirits. Recently I discovered a recording of music by a French classical musician that never fails to make me feel happier.

Joseph Touchemoulin (1727-1801) is notable in that he is one of the few 18th century French composers who spent most of his career outside France. French musicologist Gilles Cantagrel says: “The elegant and charming music of this Burgundian musician gives us a foretaste of Mozart.”

Long forgotten, Touchemoulin was rediscovered by a British-born musician Patrick Ayrton, now living and performing in France. His Burgundy-based group Les Inventions recorded the Touchemoulin concertos and symphonies I find so delightful. You see Les Inventions above. Patrick Ayrton is center in white shirt.

I enjoy all the music on the album Touchemoulin: Concertos & Symphonies by Patrick Ayrton & Les Inventions. (I downloaded the album from iTunes store. The CD is available on Amazon.) But Touchemoulin’s Symphony in G Major, Op. 1, No. 2 Allegro assai is my favorite. When I am feeling depressed or discouraged, I often listen. That music ever fails to cheer me.

You can learn interesting information about Touchemoulin and Les Inventions on the website of the recording company Ramée who produced the album. Link at end of this article. At the bottom of Ramée's page about the album, by clicking on small speaker symbols, you can listen to excerpts from Les Inventions Touchemoulin. Number 13 is the Symphony in G’s allegro that I like so much.

Les Inventions has a section of their website in English. You can learn more about the group there and find a schedule of their performances. If you are visiting Europe, you might want to catch a performance of this talented musical group. Les Inventions take inspiration from an older concert tradition in which elements of music, poetry and dance are blended harmoniously into one performance.

In any case, remember when you are feeling low and tempted to comfort yourself with something like a big bowl of butter fudge almond ice cream, try some cheerful music and a cup of tea or coffee. You will surely be happier — and slimmer.

Les Inventions Touchemoulin at Ramée

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : Burgundy-based musical group Les Inventions with director Patrick Ayrton.