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|| 2 August 2015

More Ségolène

Things are about the same here in Provence-sur-la-Prairie. The 6-foot boa constrictor is still at large. The mosquitoes are still carrying West Nile Virus.

I am not that worried about the boa constrictor. Having survived three years in West Africa with numerous poisonous black mambas and green vipers, the latter which have a nasty habit of hanging out in the trees and then dropping down and biting you, I am not too worried about a pet boa constrictor somewhere on the other side of a river and a busy 4-lane highway.

I am far more concerned about the virus-carrying mosquitoes. I do not want — even a mild case — of West Nile Virus again. I have updated my mosquito baits.

When I last wrote about my (inspired by a recipe invented by some scientists in Mali) homemade mosquito-killing potion, I was mixing blackberry wine, crushed pineapple and boric acid powder. Any mosquitoes I spotted lately that have slipped into my house seem to have drunk their death of my cocktail of cheap red wine, boric acid powder and just a smidgen of orange marmalade (I didn’t have any crushed pineapple on hand.) Placing small containers of this mixture in the various rooms where I have seen (or heard the buzz of) mosquitoes has done the trick.

Segolene Royal

So what about chic French certain age Ségolène Royal? What is she doing these days?

Segolene Royal via Mikani/Wikipedia

image: Ségolène Royal via Mikani/Wikipedia

My current favorite writer on matters French Elaine Sciolino’s recent New York Times profile of Ségolène Royal brings us up to date. Now that French president François Hollande is no longer affiliated with his ultra-jealous former partner Valerie Trierweiler, the way was clear for Ségolène Royal to return to the government. In addition to her role as Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, Ségolène Royal has been acting as unofficial vice-president — and more and more, as unofficial first lady.

You can read Elaine Sciolino’s profile of Ségolène Royal on the New York Times.

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