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3 March 2016

MORE Kristin Scott Thomas' Marie France Interview

A really useful interview Kristin Scott Thomas gave the French beauty magazine Marie France, I wrote about it on Sunday’s 28 February 2016 Nouvelles. Today more about the original Marie France interview article. Translation is mine.

Marie France: Qu’est ce que la beauté à la française et quelle est la différence avec la beauté à l’anglaise ? What is French beauty and how is it different from English beauty?

KST: I think the French are more natural and more controlled — at the same time. This kind of "faux naturel" does very well for them. French women take care of their faces, I feel they are more interested in care — which has a profound effect — than in makeup. The French are not afraid of their grandmother’s recipes, even for beauty. The English, they are much more concerned with what is fashionable. They follow the latest trends and end up all looking the same ! Currently, for example, the English girls all come with a bun on the head !

Marie France: Existe-il un lien entre le chic à la française et la beauté à la française ? Is there a connection between French chic and French beauty ?

KST: That is a false simplicity. When one is chic, you can mix the parts. Everything appears simple. The French may be appealing, attractive, but they never abuse the sexy side. There is no vulgarity, all is subtlety. With the English, it’s terrible ... and quite the opposite ! For example, English women dare wear miniskirts when they do not have the legs for them. In France, that would clearly be in bad taste . This concept of "bad taste" does not exist in England. Neither in fashion nor in beauty.

AnneNote: As an observer of the fashion scene in the USA, I would add that the concept of “bad taste” does not exist in the USA today either. Though I think many of us were taught the concept when younger and still observe it in the way we act and dress. Luckily, those who did not have those lessons from their upbringing can look to chic French women for guidelines.

Links for a Daily Mail article about the interview and the Marie France interview are below. (Same as I gave you in last Sunday’s Nouvelles)

And just after I finished writing this Nouvelles, I received an email with a link to a Helena Frith Powell article about the Kristin Scott Thomas interview. (Merci, Ann Leslie in New York) Helena Frith Powell's comments expand on points that KST made in the Marie France interview.

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image: A Lierac ad for anti-age products featuring Kristin Scott Thomas courtesty Lierac cosmetics. La beauté n'a pas d'âge. Beauty does not have an age.

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