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|| 25 December 2016

NO Noël Nibbling

Uh, oh. I’ve been nibbling. Fully aware, of course, that a chic French woman would NEVER nibble on hot fresh cornbread she had just taken out of the oven. A French woman would realize that it was nearing teatime and if she nibbled on the cornbread she would not be hungry for the nice Christmas afternoon tea she had planned.

The cornbread is for cornbread sage dressing for Christmas dinner later this evening. I should just have waited and enjoyed the cornbread in the dressing with dinner.

Sometimes my old indulgent American habits rise up and overpower my disciplined French habits.

Other than the cornbread relapse, I have done reasonably well with my Christmas Day eating. In one of the Chic & Slim books I have written how, a number of years ago, I decided to allow myself to eat anything and as much as I wanted twice a year — my birthday and Christmas. On Christmas Day I ate three pieces of pie (my sisters-in-law make really good pies). One piece as dessert with Christmas dinner. One piece with afternoon tea. And one later in the evening after supper. I almost died of pie. I was SO MISERABLE from all that sugar that I vowed moderation every day of the year. No exceptions.

This is the season that many people put on extra pounds/kilos that they spend the next several months working to shed. Watch out for nibble temptation when cooking. Enjoy holiday foods at meals.

Joyeux Noël & Bonne Année — Anne Barone

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