color-coded map showing vulnerable populations

image: preview map included with New York Times article about counties with populations vulnerable to Covid-19

|| 20 May 2020

Does Obesity Make You More Vulnerable to Covid-19?

One thing I noticed: they were obese. In the early days of the Covid-19 outbreak, when you would often see photos in the media of those who had died from the virus, one thing I noticed was that all of these victims were obese.

So, as I have followed the information about Covid-19 these months, I have stayed alert to any information about the connection between Covid-19 and obesity.

From the currently available statistics, the brutal facts: if you are obese, if you catch Covid-19, you will be more likely to suffer a severe case. If you are obese, you will be more likely to die.

For more specifics on the relationship between obesity and Covid-19 here in the United States, the New York Times has prepared a report Where Chronic Health Conditions and Coronavirus Could Collide with a more-detailed map than the one above showing all the counties in the USA color-coded for the most vulnerable populations. Of course, we are aware that the obese are likely to have health conditions that make them virus-vulnerable — particularly high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

All of us need to use precautions against Covid-19. Especially if we are 70-plus years old, we are constantly reminded that we need to be especially careful. But when I look at my own county statistics provided by our county health department, I see that general health and obesity are perhaps more important factors than age. Of our 82 confirmed cases only 10 are over 70 years. The latest two reported cases are under 20 years-old !

Protect Yourself

I was an obese child, teenager, and young adult. But I lost 55 pounds, and I have stayed slim now more than 50 years. You can lose weight and stay slim. If you are overweight, perhaps Covid-19 will provide motivation you need to become and stay slim. I wrote seven books to help you accomplish that goal.

In the meantime . . .

Where Chronic Health Conditions and Coronavirus Could Collide in NY Times.

Another article that does an excellent job explaining Latest evidence on obesity and COVID-19 on Medical News Today.

For a more technical explanation, the World Economic Forum (the Davos conference organization) published This is why people with obesity are more likely to die from coronavirus.

Accessing New York Times Information

Currently the New York Times is making its coronavirus information free to all. Any of you who have taken advantage of this free information, have discovered that there is much information on the site available only to subscribers. Much of this information concerns France and other topics of Chic & Slim interest.

Penelope in Westchester County who shared her “shopping in the epicenter” experience last March, sent information on a current low-price offer for New York Times subscriptions.

For a limited time the Times is offering a special rate of $1 per week (instead of its $4.25 per week). This will be billed in 4-week segments of $4 for one year. You can find more information about the offer at the link below.

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