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removing old carpet and padding from hardwood floor

|| 20 November 2016

Old Carpet Removal Progress

Hooray. Finally, I have all the old carpet and padding up from the living room floor. Never mind that I have two more rooms, foyer, and hallway to do. I’ve learned a lot about old carpet and adhesive-attached pad removal doing the living room. Work in the other rooms should progress more quickly. I will share my techniques later.

The image above shows several stages in my carpet removal. On the left is the old 45-year old carpet. Top center is the old padding still glued in place. On the lower right, I have removed the old pad and scraped away as much of the adhesive as possible. Bits of pad and adhesive that still stick to the floor will be treated with Goo Gone adhesive remover (safe for finished wood).

When scraping the old adhesive softened with Goo Gone, the plastic scraper pushing a small piece of textured paper toweling (I used Brawny) did a better job of removing the adhesive than the scraper alone. You can discard the adhesive-soaked paper towel. This saves continually cleaning the scraper. As laborious as this job can be, you try for every efficiency possible.

This afternoon, I am rehanging the drapes and putting furniture back in place in the living room. Photographing the various stages as I go. You will have before and after photos soon.

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