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|| 22 january 2015

Paris Cold Weather Chic

How can I look chic in very cold weather? Over the years that question has arrived in my Chic & Slim email inbox countless times.

In the media coverage of the free speech and anti-terrorism rallies and marches in France recently, I observed numerous examples of women looking chic outdoors in very cold weather.

Media photos also showed what styles coats and accessories chic French women are currently favoring: Cable knit caps (though one saw many bare heads); long, thick scarves; cross body handbags; with well-tailored, and well-fitting wool coats, defined waist parkas, and short fitted jackets.

To be able to show you examples, as I read the media coverage, I made screengrabs of various winter chic outfits I spotted. In the Getty Image photo below are examples the cable knit cap, thick scarf around neck and the cross-body bags I noticed so many women in Paris were wearing. The fuzzy gloves are decorated with what appears to be cute little bows at the wrist. An example of that little touch of femininity that chic French women invariably add to their outfits. Also the color of the gloves draw observing eyes to the signs and roses the wearer is holding.

woman wearing cableknit pom pom cap, heavy scarf, gloves, and cross-body handbag

Of course you saw many women wearing boots with leggings. Note the young women in white parka above the arrow. Parkas invariably had defined waists.

In the image on the right, Mayor of Paris Anne Hildago in fitted coat, medium-heeled boots with a heavy scarf at the neck.

examples of winter chic at Paris rally

Sans scarf, former French first lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy has converted the neck of her cableknit sweater to keep her neck and chin warm.

carla sarkozy using cable knit sweater in place of scarf

Perhaps the chicest of the images I collected was Queen Rania of Jordan with her belted coat. At first I thought that the blue at her throat was a scarf, but I have since decided it might be the collar of the dress or blouse she is wearing.

queen rania in chic coat with belt

Chic French women at the rallies and marches demonstrated that it is possible to be both warm and chic in cold weather.

images: examples of Paris winter chic

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

|| 8 january 2015

Free Speech

The news of the terrorist attack in Paris leaves us saddened and disturbed. Those of us who feel French in spirit — if not in actual nationality — feel a kinship with that nation in its time of mourning the 12 who lost their lives and concern for the 11 wounded.

In the free world, the right to free speech is cherished. Even when the manner in which an opinion is spoken or written is offensive and in questionable taste, we allow and defend the right to speak and write, because in doing so, we protect and preserve our own right to speak and write what we believe.

pens and other communication devices tribute

tribute image © Anne Barone