blue willow plate showing red, orange and yellow bell peppers

|| 4 August 2016

Praising Peppers

I have long been fond of the “sweet” (not “hot”) varieties of pepper. Called by various names in different regions of the world — bell pepper, sweet pepper, capsicum — the vegetable now available in our markets has a flavor and a crunch that I find delightful.

When I was a child, my grandmother would stuff green peppers with a mixture of ground beef, onions, tomato sauce, spices and crumbs of saltine crackers that she had crisped in the oven and then rolled impossibly fine. (I have tried to make those cracker crumbs equally fine as she did and always failed.) Baked in the oven these stuffed peppers made a delicious lunch or supper.

Now we can regularly find sweet bell-shaped peppers in our markets in red, yellow, orange, as well as the familiar green. I am told that purple, white, and brown bell peppers are also grown. I have never seen them, however, other than in photos.

Roasted or baked stuffed peppers are great for cold weather. But in the heat of summer I like to slice them and eat them raw as salad. The orange variety has a flavor that I particularly enjoy.

It is 103 degrees F. today here at Provence-sur-la-Prairie, weather when salads made with fresh, colorful vegetables are especially appealing.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : Blue willow plate with one red, one yellow and one orange bell pepper