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|| 29 January 2017

Help (Pressure) To Stay Slim

There was a reason I made Culture the first chapter in the original Chic & Slim book about how those chic French women eat all that rich food and still stay slim. French women get help (pressure) to be slim from French culture. The French see being overweight as a kind of discourtesy because they believe it is not pleasant to look at someone who is marring their appearance and health with fat. They apply all sorts of pressures, subtle and not-so-subtle, on women to be slim. I have written about these pressures in Chic & Slim.

Recently Chic & Slim reader Judith sent the link to a BBC online article The perils of being fat, female and French. (Merci, Judith).

Keep in mind as you read the article that currently in France unemployment among those 20 to 30 years old is 25%. With a surplus of applicants for every job, employers can be very picky about who they hire. This probably puts even greater pressure on women to be slim in order to gain employment than in times when the economy was better and jobs more plentiful.

By the way, Judith who sent the article link tells me that she has been a Chic & Slim reader for 15 years. I am always so delighted when I learn that someone has found the information worth reading for so long.

The perils of being fat, female and French

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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