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3 August 2017

Jeanne Moreau

The French actress Jeanne Moreau has passed away at age 89. Her roles in theater and film over a long career helped define the chic, sensual French woman. Along with numerous tributes and articles about her long career, several publications have analyzed Jeanne Moreau’s unique personal style. Chic & Slim reader Carol Ann sent a link to a Telegraph article titled Five Ways That Jeanne Moreau Mastered Her Own Take On French Chic.

Vogue US also has published an analysis: Celebrating French Actress Jeanne Moreau’s Chic, Unfussy Style.

Several of the tributes to Jeanne Moreau I read called attention to her intelligence and intellect. Richard Brody writing in The New Yorker called Jeanne Moreau “a queen of intellect —but an intellect that was no cloistered bookishness but an idea and an ideal of culture that enriched experience, envisioned progress, looked ardently at the times.”

Chic & Slim reader Penelope called my attention to a passage in Jeanne Moreau’s Vanity Fair obituary:

Moreau had a...take-no-prisoners view on the world, unmoved by overly precious sentiment. The actress, who was presumably reminded of her past work in countless interviews and fan interactions, took a rather hard stance on nostalgia of any kind in her later years. In 2001, she told The Guardian that nostalgia is “terrible” and poses a threat to life. “The life you had is nothing,” she said. “It is the life you have that is important.”

Voice of America News reporting the death of Jeanne Moreau recalled a 1994 interview the actress gave to AP in which she recalled the moment in her late 30s when she discovered her first wrinkle.

"For about a week, suddenly, I have the real feeling of decay. That's what life is about,'' she said. But after a while, she said, "The inner voice said, 'Well, and so what? So you think you're exceptional? Like anybody, you're going to die. So what is important? Is it the path you have to follow or a bloody wrinkle?' Well, OK, the voice is right: Let's go on.''

And Jeanne Moreau did go on, continuing to perform in theater and films into her 80s.

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image: (left) my favoirite photo of French actress Jeanne Moreau, cover of Gallimard edition of Cat Lady Chic (center) from Jules et Jim, one of Jeanne Moreau's best-loved films (right) Jeanne Moreau in chic certain age via VOA

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