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|| 29 April 2018

Brigitte Macron Le Monde Interview Reports

The last afternoon President and Mme Macron spent in Washington D C, the French first lady Brigitte Macron gave a long and thoughtful interview to a French radio station — and at the same time to a journalist from the French newspaper Le Monde. Bits and pieces of this interview have appeared in articles by other publications. Not always with the most accuracy. For today’s Nouvelles I will give you links to three English language publications that reported in English on some of the information in that Le Monde interview.

Actually there is much more of interest for Chic & Slim in that Le Monde interview than were reported in those three articles. In coming Nouvelles, I will discuss some of that information. For today, I will give you links to the articles in The Guardian, The Independent (UK), and on an English language website based in France titled The Local.

By the way, this website The Local seems to specialize in information for those who would like to live and work in France. I recently read an article there about what kind of jobs you could do and live in rural France. (And the red tape associated with getting permission to do that work while living in France.)

Today many areas of rural France are in decline. As a result, there are apparently houses and such that if you agree to renovate you can buy very cheaply. Like 1 euro cheaply, I have read. If you are thinking you might like to relocate to France, The Local is a website you might want to explore. I must add the caveat that I had never previously heard of this website and have only recently read two of its articles, so I cannot vouch for the accuracy of their relocation and other information.

Article reporting on Brigitte Macron Le Monde interview in The Guardian.

Independent (UK) article reporting on Brigitte Macron Le Monde interview

Article reporting on Brigitte Macron Le Monde interview on The Local

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