Anne Barone ready to tackle pulling up old carpet.

|| 6 November 2016

The Right Tools

Creative substitution is admirable. But having the right tools can make a successful outcome more likely. The right tools also make the job easier, faster, and less frustrating. Not to mention safer. A decision I made before I launched this restoration and painting project was that I would spend money to buy proper tools for the work. I am so glad I did.

Painting on the living and dining rooms and foyer was finished a two weeks ago. In the meantime I have been taking care of other have-to jobs. Now, as you see in the photo above, I am ready to tackle pulling up the worn and stained 45-year-old carpet. I have my pry bar for the tack boards. And safety goggles, a necessity when working with a pry bar and those nail-studded boards.

I also have my chic black and white enameled hammer with the handy set of screwdrivers in the handle. My overalls have a useful loop on the side for holding my hammer. Also pockets in the knees where I can insert knee pads if needed. I’ll wear sturdy work gloves, of course.

The Right Tools For Staying Slim: Healthy Real Food

The right tools can also make a successful outcome more likely in any weight control effort. In Chic & Slim Armoire Boudoir Cuisine & Savvy in the section Kitchen Organization for Chic & Slim, I go into detail for how to stock a pantry for slim success. You will be more likely to lose weight and stay slim if you have the right tools, that is: a good supply of healthy, real food. Not just ingredients for preparing healthy meals. But also food you can serve quickly when you are too tired, or too busy, or otherwise do not have much time for meal preparation. The problem with most high calorie “junk food” is that it can be eaten immediately without any prep. Have healthy food on hand that is equally ready-to-eat.

After you read this Nouvelles, check your pantry and freezer. Make sure that you have the “right tools” for staying slim.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : Anne Barone with the right tools for pulling up her old carpet.

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