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|| 25 June 2015

Solving Key Stuck In Ignition Problem + 2

So you can have more time and money for things you like

In the past two weeks four major problems have plagued challenged me.

1) My key stuck in my car ignition

2) The shift key ceasing to work on my computer keyboard

3) My lawn mower conking out and refusing to run

4) My lost cat.

I was able to solve three of that troublesome quartet. Sadly, the problem I wanted most to solve, finding my sweet little kitty cat, was the problem I was not able to solve. At this point I do not think there is a chance that I will ever find her.

But today, I share with you the solutions to the other three problems because they might save you time, frustration, not to mention money. Three years ago when I had a mechanic solve the stuck key in the ignition problem it cost me $430. This time around, with help from some kind (and smart) individuals who shared their solutions on YouTube, I solved the problem for $0 — and in less time than it would have taken me to drive to the auto repair shop.

Computer Keyboard Problem

The problem turned out to be our high humidity messing with the electrical circuitry. Once our air dried out to more normal humidity levels, the keyboard began working perfectly.

Lawn Mower Won’t Cut Problem

For the lawn mower, after some inspection, I found all it needed was tightening the bolt that secured the blade.

Key Stuck In The Ignition Problem

That button on your gearshift can keep you from removing your key from the ignition. As a safety feature, many cars are designed so that when the car is put in Park that gearshift knob button pops out breaking an electrical connection to the ignition so the key can be turned fully to the left and then extracted. If gunk around the button prevents it popping all the way out, you can’t remove your key.

gear shift knob Camry

Sometimes taking the gear out of Park and pushing it back into Park forcefully will cause the the button to pop out. When that didn’t work for me, I mashed on the button several times with my thumb. Almost like magic my key turned to the left and was freed. For a more permanent solution, I used the head of a very small screw driver to clean out some gunk that had accumulated around the button. You can search on Remove Key Stuck In Ignition and find the links to YouTube videos to see these solutions described above.

Of course, it is always possible that a worn out ignition causes your key stuck in the ignition problem, but you can try working on the gearshift button before you commit yourself to expensive replacement repairs.

image: gear shift knob on Camry