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image: Scene from Sophia Loren's new film 'The Life Ahead' available from Netflix. Image courtesy Netflix

|| 15 November 2020

Sophia Loren’s New Film

Sophia Loren, at 86, has a new movie ‘The Life Ahead’ available on Netflix. The film, directed by the star’s son Edoardo Ponti is based on a French novel and was previously made into an award-winning film staring the legendary Simone Signoret.

Reviewer Glenn Kenny writing in the NYTimes says of Sophia Loren’s version of the story:

This conception of Rosa capitalizes on the generosity of spirit that has always been a part of Loren’s screen persona, adding grace notes of long-lived sorrows. Loren, 86, goes at the role with both a seasoned performer’s intelligence and a megastar’s innate charisma.

Sophia Loren says that this version of the original novel carries the message of tolerance. Something of which, heavens knows, today we are in great need.

I first read of the new film in an interview article that appeared in The Guardian titled with a quote from Sophia Loren: The body changes. The mind does not.

Those who have followed Sophia Loren’s life story over the years, have read her biographies and autobiographies, will note a bit of revisionist history in the answers Sophia Loren and her son give to the interviewer. Surely that is permissible to such an enduring star as she is. The Guardian article ends:

I ask if she has ever felt lost, or beset by self-doubt, and she considers the question for all of two seconds. “Yes, well, maybe sometimes. But then I say to myself: ‘Shut up. Be strong. Just keep going and try. Sometimes you make mistakes and sometimes you win.’ I made some mistakes,” she shrugs. “But still I won.”

Reviewers are saying Sophia Loren might win a second Best Actress Oscar 60 years after winning her first.

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