kale cooking in pot on gas cooking stove

image: Kale cooking in chicken broth for "green soup." Onion and garlic will be sauteed and added when soup is pureed.

|| 11 October 2018

Soup Weather

When the weather turns rainy and cool, for me it is soup weather. This morning I made a pot of “green soup.” Traditionally you add potatoes to the kale and chicken broth. I usually substitute healthier millet.

But I had cooked amaranth grains on hand, and I used those for the starch in the soup. Actually, surprisingly tasty. Amaranth substituted for potatoes or millet in kale soup certainly turned out better than my idea a few days ago to substitute amaranth to accompany curry in place of rice. Oh dear! I do not recommend it.

With “green soup” I always want a crusty slice of sourdough bread. I bake most of the bread I eat. But sourdought bread I buy. Years ago I gave up trying to make sourdough bread. You need a different climate than the one where I live to make good sourdough, I learned.

If your weather is rainy and cool, enjoy some soup.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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