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Summer Kiss melon grown by Sandstone Melons

|| 3 November 2016

Summer Kiss Sandstone Melons

All my life I have loved melon. So shopping on Monday I was delighted to discover a variety of melon I had not yet tasted: Summer Kiss. The melon I bought was grown by Sandstone Melons. The golden exterior snug in its bright green mesh caught my eye. And there on the label was the grower Diana Russell photographed in chic white shirt and work gloves — with her tractor !

Since this was my first experience with Summer Kiss melons, perhaps I can be forgiven for misjudging the ripeness. When I cut and tasted, the pretty green flesh was sweet. But it would have been sweeter if I had given the melon a few more days to reach peak taste. Next time, I will.

Summer Kiss is native to Israel and is described as sweet and creamy. I wasn’t sure how a melon could be creamy — unless you poured cream on top as you do, say, fresh figs. But Summer Kiss does have a creamy sort of taste that distinguishes it from your more usual cantaloupe or honeydew taste.

One the most important changes in my eating that helps me stay slim is preferring the sweet taste of fruit to the less-healthy and higher calorie baked desserts I had eaten too much for too long. If you are trying to reduce the amount of cakes, cookies and other pastries you eat, and instead to eat more fresh fruit, then, well-ripened melon can help you make that transition. Just be sure to let the melon ripen. Unripened melon is not tasty. And I have not bought a melon in years that was ready for eating when I brought it home from the store.

image: Summer Kiss melon grown by Sandstone Melons

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