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|| 27 September 2015

The Tapestry of Our Lives


A dear friend has been stuck suddenly with a serious illness and hovers between life and death. She is unlikely to recover.

Even when we do not see a friend every day — even when we do not speak with them by phone every day — because of the person they are, because they are part of our lives, our lives are better. Impossible to imagine life as good without them. Impossible to imagine them gone.

A community is a tapestry of individuals woven together in a time and place. To lose one individual is to lose part of that woven fabric that is our life.

This unexpected news of my friend’s health has saddened and disconcerted me — even though I am comforted by my habit of “roses to the living,” of doing small kindnesses for people when they can enjoy them. I can feel happy that very recently a small gesture on my part let my friend know that I valued and appreciated her.

Our lives are busy. So often it is difficult to find time to send that card, give that little gift, or do that little favor for friends. But when they are gone — or are beyond knowing of our gesture — it is a comfort that we showed them that we cared.

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