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I am a devotee of your blog and just wish you had more postings. Whenever I feel myself slipping or tempted to slip (eat) I either go to your website or grab one of your books and read a chapter. I used to first diet was at age 16, the all protein diet. Up until 5 years ago, I tried every diet that came down the pike. Every diet works, but once off the diet of the moment the weight came back. About five years ago, I decided "no more dieting", I was going to eat what I wanted, but in small amounts. And you know what, I actually lost weight!! Books like yours, THE FAT FALLACY by William Clower and FOOD RULES, by Michael Pollan , all keep me in line. I am so looking forward to your newest book; I'm not a Kindle person, I like the feel of a book in my hands.

Anne in NY


Please keep writing and posting. Texas needs you! I've recently let weight creep up on me, and I'm in the process of rereading The Original Chic and Slim on my Kindle Fire for needed inspiration.

Merci, Rocki


Merci pour le livre! I have downloaded it successfully on the Kindle I share with my husband and I'm all set now to remind myself at the beginning of each day what my real intentions are for 2013. I take the bus to work and this is a great way to "meditate" while I'm riding along.

Merci beaucoup! Janet


I'm looking forward to getting back to eating sensibly and having a copy of Chic & Slim available on my Kindle will help keep me on track. I shall continue to forward any articles I think may be of interest.

With best wishes for 2013, Kathryn


This quiet Christmas reminded me of being in Paris and sensing great commercial restraint and experiencing the season as a religious one (or a 'spiritual' one as the current widely used word would say). In Sacre Coeur the life size manger scene was there with all the figures but not the baby because it was not yet His birthday. I loved everything about being there at the small Hotel du Louvre...but that is the loveliest of so many memories.

I wish you a happy and peaceful New Year..filled with joy and inspiration!

Always my best wishes and gratitude, Betty


As usual, at the beginning of the year I re-read all of your books from beginning to end. A fresh start for me (once again!) going into my 74th year. I don't just enjoy your books - I depend on them.....

Wishing you all the best for the coming year - chin up and move bravely forward.



A happy New Year!

Grant that I

May bring no tear to any eye

When this New Year in time shall end

Let it be said I've played the friend,

Have lived and loved and labored here,

And made of it a happy year.

— Edgar Guest

Thanks so much! I have downloaded Chic and Slim to my Kindle.

Many blessings in 2013,



Bonjour Anne,

I returned from my trip from France last month and I cannot thank you enough! I went for 8 days, 3 being in Paris (I had visited whilst in college in 1988) and 5 being in Normandy on a scheduled Brocante Tour. We stayed at our hostesses chateau in Normandy! It was an incredible experience. We dined in fancy and moderate restaurants, local friend's homes and Parisian cafes. Your advices was so wonderful. I cannot tell you how much I learned. My friends thought I had been to France many times before since I knew so much--saying hello to the shopkeeper right when we walked in, keeping voice soft/low, staying back a bit, etc...Everything you wrote of in your books I experienced first hand and you did not disappoint.

Until my next adventure. Thanks once again for your advice, books and website. They are delightful! — Synthia


Anne - I have to tell you that, while enjoying your books, they are costing me money!

I started out with Chic & Slim Toujours because I am a woman of a certain age (61). I really have enjoyed the book but that led me to buy the first two Chic & Slim books, plus a yogurt maker, both volumes of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, new lingerie, better skin care products and schedule regular mani-pedis.

On the plus side, I have learned a lot and incorporated some healthy changes into my lifestyle and that of my husband. I am, so far, making our own bread, jam and yogurt and thereby assuring that these things are all natural with no added chemicals. That alone is quite fulfilling. My husband and I go on a 2-3 mile walk most days which is good for us both physically and for our relationship. We talk and laugh on these walks and just have fun.

I plan to continue on this way, slowly adding improvements to my life that will help me age gracefully and remain alluring. Thank you for your great books. - Sarah via her iPhone


Dear Anne, I was directed toward your books on the website after having purchased the new Mirielle Guiliano & Ines De La Fressange books. After tearing through Chic & Slim Toujours I immediately purchased the Original Chic & Slim and Encore. I just adore how practical the advice you give is, and I was so happy to read your product endorsements on the website.Thank you for inspiring us!

Sincerely, Nicole from Chicago


Ever since 2002, you have been my role model here in Greece and through all your books and way of living be sure that you have managed to set a remarkable example for young and certain age women.— I feel so blessed that I have had the opportunity to "meet" you so early in my life (25 years old) and keep growing up greatly inspired by you. — Alexandra in Athens


Bonjour Anne, I received your book just before leaving for the weekend to spend time with the granddaughters. I had to wait until we got back to start reading. First, may I say that the cover is beautiful and my favourite one - so far . . . I had intended to read a chapter or two a night. No such luck I read half of the book the first night and finished it the next. However, now I will take time and browse through the book and really absorb the information. The chapter on Style was so informative and I love reading about the chic women mentioned. Merci, Anne, for a most enjoyable book

Regards, Helen in Toronto


Anne: I have read your books and have tried to incorporate the chic and slim philosophy into my life. Whenever I find myself straying, I go back and pick up one of them, to get me back on track. Your latest book is especially relevant as I am nearing 60. The chic and slim way of life, reminds me of my German grandmother. Although of modest means, she lived a life of delicious food fresh from her garden, carefully chosen attractive clothes, and surrounded herself with beautiful things. She made time for her favorite activities: sewing, cooking and gardening. I think of her when I am rushing around, tempted to buy fast food for myself and my husband, or consider plopping down in front of the television to watch junk! I think your "chic and slim" taps into not just a French, but a more Old World/European lifestyle that seems so sane and appealing in these busy times. Keep inspiring us — Susan


Bonjour Anne, I am reading your newest book "Toujours Forever" and it is hard to put down This book is so very different from your others and I love it! Thank you for addressing the "aging" issues that women of our age group face. I turned 58 last Friday and my book arrived yesterday. It is wonderful and I am feeling much better about my birthday. Actually, I don't feel or look anything like my 58 "revolutions around the sun".

Many thanks to you again. — Sharon Ann


I just received your new book today and will probably be finished reading it tonight – a very enjoyable read. As I’ve been recently diagnosed with a digestive condition that requires me to be more careful about how and what I eat, the chapter on food was especially helpful. Thank you again for your insight. — Carla in Canada


Dear Anne, I am fairly new to your books and blog but have enjoyed reading so far two books and several postings. I love the fact that you understand and can appreciate the French lifestyle while living in Texas.

I lived in France in my early twenties and still feel touched by the culture and philosophies while living in the San Francisco-Bay Area. One of my favorite sayings that my girlfriend's French mother use to tell me when living there was that "She was not rich enough to buy cheap things!" I have saved a lot of money just buying a few things that I really love because I really wanted them. Usually they were not on sale. Although it is always nice if there is a discount.

One of the things that I miss so much from living in the South of France is the wonderful lotions with the main ingredient being olive oil. Although we do have access to a few French lotions here, it is still hard to find the ones that have olive oil in it. I just recently got the bright idea of going to Trader Joe's and purchasing their lavender lotion. I then removed a third of the lotion from the bottle and filled it with extra virgin olive oil. A few shakes and I felt like I was back in Provence again.

One of Jeanne Calment's secrets to beautiful skin at 122 years of age was olive oil. I also loved reading about Calment's one kilo a week addiction to chocolate. No wonder she lived so long with the two main ingredients of her diet being olive oil and chocolate which are filled with tons of anti-oxidants. I find it humorous that Americans are baffled that a women that smoked all her life could live so long. What is rarely clear to Americans is that French people have a lot more discipline than Americans do. It is quite common that the French only smoke a few cigarettes a day. We only think of there being smokers and non-smokers. In Jeanne's case she smoked two cigarettes a day which is less offensive than taking a daily jog through Los Angeles.

Keep up the great work and thank you! — Renee in San Carlos


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