map showing percentage of USA population obese by state

image: CDC map showing percentage of USA population obese by state

|| 16 September 2018

Solving The USA Obesity Problem: A Suggestion

Obesity. It is a BIG problem. I didn’t really need media articles to tell me how severe the problem has become. Every time I venture out shopping I see huge, extremely obese individuals. Observing them, I have a developed an idea for combating obesity. More . . .

|| 13 September 2018

Rave Apples

Always fun when I have a chance to try an apple variety I have never previously tasted. Today it was the Rave variety. These I bought this morning have a lovely apple fragrance that wafts up from the fruit bowl. The Rave apple I ate at lunchtime had a tart taste that was good with cheese on a rye cracker.

Fruit with a bit of cheese is a much chicer and slimmer way to end a meal than a high calorie dessert. Since lunch had been a bowl of homemade pumpkin soup, the apple seemed just the right autumn fruit to accompany.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

|| 9 September 2018

Stove Hood Project

The weather this past week has been rainy and cooler than is usual for early September in this part of the world. Cool enough to open doors and windows. Perfect for doing the painting needed to finish my stove hood restoration project.

Unhappily, with the windows open last evening, about 9 PM I heard the distinctive howl of a coyote. It sounded as if it might be five or six blocks away. Too near for comfort. Sam had been protesting against staying in the house at night. But Sam must have heard the coyote too. Last night he made no fuss about sleeping indoors.

Stove hood restoration has some similarities to choosing the right accessories for chic. More . . .