purple dutch iric against background of green day lily leaves

image: Anne's Dutch iris first blooms

|| 2 April 2020

Even More Hopeful

In the previous Nouvelles, about my experience taking Aralen, brand name for chloroquine, (one of the medications being tried in the treatment of COVID-19) I said that I was feeling more hopeful for a solution for our current worldwide coronavirus crisis.

Today I am feeling even more hopeful.

True, the US national news is horrible: rapid increase in number of cases, every day higher death numbers, assurances by the experts that things are going to get much, much worse.

But local news that I am receiving via the website of the local TV station, is encouraging. We do have 43 confirmed cases here in the county (latest reported count 1 April 5PM). But, with a couple of exceptions, all these cases are recovering in their own homes. Not hospitalized — even those cases in the 70 and older group. At 75, I found that particular statistic very encouraging.

From across the river north in Oklahoma, Fort Sill military base reports that their first confirmed case of the virus has now recovered and is back at work. All others making progress toward recovery.

And here where I live, we have serious Shelter-in-Place orders designed to stop the growing community spread of the virus.

First order was issued by the City Council to run until 8 April and is being updated as needs present themselves. Then, a county judge issued a county-wide order to remain in effect — as long as the judge says it is in effect. Then, the governor of Texas got with the effort and issued a state-wide Shelter-in-Place order.

Now, even my neighbor who was putting great effort into evading the city restrictions seems to have accepted that for a while she is going to have to stay home. At least, she has stopped coming over to my property to chat. That was my greatest concern since she was making several trips out shopping each day and had recently been in Dallas where the concentration of positive virus cases is high. Increasing evidence demonstrates that people who show no symptoms can be carriers of COVID-19.

Stay home. Don’t be a Spreader.

Reminder About Car Batteries

A reminder that if you do not drive your vehicle during the time of Shelter-in-Place, you still need to start and run the engine for sufficient time to keep your battery charged. How often you do this will depend on your battery's and your vehicle’s requirements. See your user manual. And be sure that you do NOT run your engine in a garage or other enclosed space. Coronavirus is dangerous — but carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal.

be chic, stay slim, stay safe — Anne Barone

|| 30 March 2020

Taking Chloroquine (Aralen): Anne’s Experience

The current coronavirus pandemic has been such a worrying disruption to our lives. When I read that the antimalarial medication chloroquine was being promoted as a possible treatment for COVID-19, I felt a sense of optimism that I had not previously experienced during these trying days. There it was: my old friend Aralen that had protected me from the dreaded malaria the three years I lived in West Africa. Now chloroquine might save victims from the ravages of the awful coronavirus now causing so much suffering and death.

Yet some of the concerns about Aralen and its more recently developed derivative hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) being expressed in the medical community and quoted by the media surprised me. Dangerous? Oh, dear ! More about my experience taking Aralen the three years I lived in West Africa — and why I am encouraged about its possibilities for treating and speeding the recovery from COVID-19. Of course there is a French connection. More . . .

|| 26 March 2020

Albert Uderzo: Astérix co-creator and illustrator

Albert Uderzo, co-creator and illustrator of the wonderful Astérix French comics has died at age 92. Above you can see my eight Astérix books, all from the early days of the series. What a wonderful, fun assist those books gave me in learning French. (Alnd learning early French history.) Through the decades I have given away and donated many, many of my books. But I have never parted with my Astérix books. They have moved with me from home to home and now have a prized place in my Provence-sur-la-Prairie library.

You can read.about Albert Uderzo and his creation and career with the beloved characters in his series on the BBC website. With a little Google searching you can find other articles about Albert Uderzo and the Astérix books.

Albert Uderzo: Asterix co-creator and illustrator dies aged 92 on BBC site

Synopses of my eight Astérix books (as well as others in the series — all synopses in English) at this Wikipedia page.