anti-aging products tested by Good Housekeeping Institute

image: some of the 49 anti-aging products tested by Good Housekeeping Institute

|| 23 July 2017

Best Anti-Aging Skin Products

Warning: the Good Housekeeping article linked in this Nouvelles is a slideshow that is VERY SLOW to download. On some browsers, depending on your internet download speed, while you are waiting for the slideshow to download, you may be shown an advertisement for beauty products. DO NOT CONFUSE the advertisement with the article. The actual article is titled as I indicate in the Nouvelles link. The image with the article introduction is the one of the six anti-aging products on the pink background that you see above.

By my early 30s I had become a careful consumer. Little persuaded by advertising hype. Always seeking out independent, unbiased review.

When I was a child, my family had considered the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, the certification by the women’s magazine Good Housekeeping, as the mark of a quality product. But as an adult, I wondered if the “seal” indicated anything more than paid advertising for the product in the magazine.

So, when one morning, I found myself drinking coffee and chatting with Charlotte Montgomery, a longtime columnist for Good Housekeeping, I thought she was a good person to ask.

Mrs. Montgomery, who for many years had written the magazine’s “Speaker of the House” column, assured me that the seal had to be earned by passing tests and meeting standards — and that after the seal was earned, the product was monitored. She, herself, had recently been sent by Good Housekeeping on an inspection tour of a Gerber’s baby food factory.

The Good Housekeeping Institute has been testing anti-aging products. This spring the magazine identified 49 products that get results. GH says these are proven workhorses — the creams of the crop they have identified from their years of studying the latest products in their Beauty Lab. They tested them on “real women like you.” The text with each products will help readers identify ones likely best for their skin problems — and their budget.

Merci to our ever-faithful Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat who alerted me to the ad/article confusion problem.

Good Housekeepings Best Anti-Aging Skin Products

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|| 20 July 2017

Food Shopping: Enough, But Not Over-Buying

French women don't waste food. They believe it incomprehensively stupid to buy food that you throw away. Alors! You might as well throw your money into the poubelle. (Surely the cutest word for garbage can in any language.) Americans are undoubtedly the greatest food-wasters on the planet. Developing the technique of buying enough food, but not over-buying does take effort when the whole culture is designed to make you buy more, more and more. Chic & Slim reader Violet has been working to develop a French-syle food shopping system. Recently she shared some of her challenges and her attempts at solutions. More . . .

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|| 16 July 2017

The New Body Sculptors

The problem is that when many women lose weight, they don’t lose the fat in the problem spots on their body. I remember when my Aunt Gwen lost 20 pounds on Weight Watchers. Unfortunately, she lost all 20 pounds in her bust. Her tummy and hip measurements remained the same.

What body sculpting massage aims to do is reshape the body into desired proportions — with or without weight loss. Today, more information about massage to eliminate fat thanks to an article link sent by Jane in Dallas. Also a link to information about a gadget for self-massage. More . . .

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|| 13 July 2017

Massage Away Fat

Massage away fat? Sound too good to be true? Not really. Just French. Carol Ann in North Carolina (Merci, Carol Ann) sent the link to Gavanndra Hodge’s Tatler article about her experience with Martine de Richeville's Remodelage. a body “remodelling technique that is a blend of two philosophies that most people view as opposites: the oriental holistic point of view, where body and soul are one — and the western point of view, where beauty and slimness are the foundation of well-being.” More . . .

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|| 9 July 2017

Jane Austen’s Sanditon

For Jane Austen fans, this year, the 200th anniversary of her death in 1817 is offering a wealth of articles and new books. I will likely skip Jane Austen: The Secret Radical, but I am reading Sanditon, that first completed portion of the novel on which Jane Austen was working when she died. My favorite spot for reading Jane Austen is in the little reading corner of my living room you see in the photos above. With a pot of tea nearby, of course. More . . .

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