5 photos of fashions in the Dior in Denver exhibt

image: 5 photos of fashions from the Dior in Denver exhibt

|| 15 November 2018

Dior in Denver Exhibit

Perhaps it is not so surprising that the Denver Art Museum, most usually known for its collections of Western American art, is opening a major exhibit on the French fashion house of Dior. There is an art connection. Christian Dior, its founder who revolutionized women’s fashion in the years following World War II, was the son of a wealthy French fertilizer manufacturer. Before a career in fashion, Christian Dior was the owner of a small art gallery — until his father’s wealth was decimated by the Great Depression and papa was no longer able to be financial backer of Christian’s art gallery.

Beginning 19 November 2018 Dior in Denver. More . . .

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|| 11 November 2018

Marguerite's Spoon

Today we commemorate the Armistice that ended the fighting of World War I. My closest connection to that war is a sliver serving spoon brought to the USA by a young Frenchwoman not long after that armistice. More . . .