French "yellow vest" protest December 2018

image: French "yellow vest" protest December 2018

|| 16 December 2018

What Is Going On In France?

What exactly is going on in France with the gilets jaunes yellow vest protests — and do they have any connection to French attitudes toward weight control? To answer the second part of the question first: Only to the extent that had the new fuel tax gone into effect, many of the French who must drive their vehicles for work and shopping would not have had enough of their pay check left over the second half of the month to buy food.

President Macron came to the French presidency aiming to improve the French economy by (among other things) making French business more competitive — more like American businesses. One early measure in his program was a tax cut for the rich. A tax cut for the rich has been recently enacted in the USA. The French people did not like the idea of more competitive business since to make them so came at the cost of workers protections. And French people, especially in the rural areas, certainly did not like the idea of tax cuts for the rich.

I have been following the gilets jaunes protests. Below is a link to analysis in The Guardian of what is going on that sums up what I have been reading from a variety of sources.

The gilets jaunes have cowed Macron. But for them, that’s just the start.

|| 13 December 2018

My Red Christmas Tree

Every month or so something appears in the media that makes me sorry that my mother is no longer living to enjoy it. As someone who read several newspapers and watched the televised news daily, my mother surely would have found amusement in all the recent brouhaha over red Christmas trees at the White House. For years the centerpiece of her living room holiday decorations was a red Christmas tree that for the past 11 years has been the centerpiece of my living room holiday decorations. More . . .

|| 10 December 2018

Non-dairy Creamer Update

Saturday we had this lovely snow. Fat, fluffy flakes floating down making Provence-sur-la-Prairie look very winter wonderland. Alas, little snow remains.

Recently I posted a Nouvelles about my search for a non-dairy creamer. Chic & Slim reader Laura kindly emailed a suggestion for a non-dairy “creamer” more compatible with tea. I tried Laura’s suggestion and have added an update to the non-dairy creamer Nouvelles. More . . .