French jets in flyover Bastille Day 2020 trailing blue, white and red exhausts

image: French military jets in flyover Bastille Day 2020

|| 14 July 2020

A Different Bastille Day

This year the pandemic has dictated that Bastille Day celebrations in France are very different from the usual. You can find good coverage of Bastille Day 2020 on the France24 website.

Bastille Day 2020

|| 12 July 2020

Chic French Vacation Style

Today an update to last Thursday's Nouvelles. The focus is on what the French are wearing to vacation in their own country during the Covid-19 crisis. More . . .

|| 9 July 2020

France Sans American Tourists

This summer is different. For the first summer in the memory of most living French, the country is not overrun by American tourists.

With Americans barred from France because of the high levels of coronavirus currently in the USA, the French have decided to visit the tourists spots that so entice foreign visitors. (These the French have largely avoided because of the crowds of tourists.)

In the Wall Street Journal Benoît Morenne writes:

Stuck at Home Because of Covid, the French Discover France. Coronavirus border closures mean the French have the Eiffel Tower and the Chateau de Versailles to themselves. They’ve decided to see what all the fuss is about.

About a third of French tourists go abroad every year, this year, Guide du Routard, France’s de rigueur travel guide, has scrambled to expand its collection promoting France’s hinterlands.

But there is a definite downside. The unusually large number of French vacationing in their own country does not make up for the absence of big-spending Chinese, American and Russian visitors. Faced with a shrinking pool of visitors, some of France’s most illustrious destinations are in competition.

If you have access to the Wall Street Journal you can read Stuck at Home Because of Covid, the French Discover France. Photos show how neatly the French dress as tourists in their own country. Casual. But definitely neat.