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|| 15 July 2018

Depression: A Simple Solution

A number of factors have me feeling depressed. Not the least of these is the weather forecast for the coming week. Daytime high temperatures over 100 degrees F. are always unpleasant. But next week is to be really scorching. Already many plants in the garden are cooked. My lawn is dead grass and jagged cracks in the soil.

In a recent conversation my son reminded me of how when he was growing up, I often coped with a spell of depression with vigorous house cleaning. True, this technique often helps when the cause of depression are circumstances beyond your immediate control. You may not be able to do much about the state of the world, or your nation— or that crazy neighbor causing you all sorts of problems. But you can do something about the state of your immediate universe. You can get all that fuzzy stuff out from under the refrigerator (and the appliance will work more efficiently). You can clean out and organize your kitchen cupboards (and enjoy the ease with which you can locate items inside.)

And then, of course, you can take an occasional break from all the cleaning and organization and have a nice cup of tea. Somehow the world seems less grim. Even if the temperature is 107 F.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

|| 12 July 2018

Feeling Young, Thinking Positive

A reader comments on Chic & Slim Toujours 2

In a conversation with my grandmother when she was in her early 90s, my grandmother commented (in all seriousness) “when I get old . . .” Then she proceeded to enumerate the changes in her lifestyle she would have to make in old age.

Even though my grandmother was 92, she did not feel old.

Many Chic & Slim certain age readers comment to me that they do not feel their actual age.

Of course, the Chic & Slim lifestyle helps you not just look younger, but feel younger too. In her comments on Chic & Slim Toujours 2, Vicki in Friday Harbor explains about how she feels far younger than her actual age — and about the importance of healthy physical and mental habits. More . . .

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