purple Dutch iris in garden

image: Dutch iris in Anne's garden April 2021

|| 12 April 2021

More Spring Cheer

My garden iris continue to bring me much spring cheer. But bringing even more cheer has been recent email from readers. Learning that Chic & Slim has been useful to you always cheers me.

In an email from Geralyn asking about possible videos, she mentioned that she had been reading Chic & Slim 10 years. Then, soon, I received a second email. Geralyn wrote:

I just checked my Amazon orders and I guess it's been a little longer than 10 years! I purchased my first Slim & Chic in June 2003! All the books have been such an inspiration to me. I would reread them when I found myself "losing my way" and they always gave me hope.

With warm regards always, Geralyn

Wow! Since 2003 is 18 years. And yes, with all the stresses in our lives, from time to time, we can “lose our way” in the chic and slim world. But many readers. like Geralyn, report that rereading the Chic & Slim books put them on track again.

If you do not have the books, there is much information archived on this website. You can find the list with links on the Previous Nouvelles Page.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

|| 8 April 2021

Bright Spots of Spring Cheer

In my garden the purple iris announce Spring. This year during that awful Texas Freeze I gazed out the window at the hard-packed snow in my iris beds and wondered if I would have any iris — or any other blooms — this spring.

My daffodils were almost a total loss. They were up with buds when the extreme cold hit. Only one white daffodil bloomed. An elegant survivor that I am still enjoying.

I thought the Dutch iris, up about 10 inches when the long freeze began, would be a total loss even though they had not put out buds. But when the weather warmed, I cut away the frozen leaves and hoped for the best. Now I have blooms — and buds.

Though the Texas Freeze and its uncomfortable power outages — and for some Texans, long periods without water — not to mention the continuing pandemic — have marred the early months of 2021 for me, there have been bright spots. My blooming spriing flowers are lovely bright spots of cheer in my garden.

I hope you have some bright spots of blooms near you that are bringing you spring cheer.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

|| 28 March 2021

Twyla Tharp's Keep It Moving

Last eveing I had an email from Rocki in Austin commenting on the PBS Twyla Tharp documentary broadcast on Friday evening. Rocki wrote:

Bonsoir, Anne. Just read your Nouvelle about Twyla Tharp. I watched it!! It was so inspirational. I actually saw Baryshnikov perform those dances. It was late 1970’s. I saw him twice. — Rocki

Also in the email Rocki alerted me to Twyla Tharp's latest book Keep It Moving which she has added to her library. Somehow I had missed the book's appearance. I have Twyla Tharp's earlier book The Creative Habit which I always reread before beginning any major project — book, website redesign, remodeling. I look forward to reading Twyla Tharp's advice on aging.

About Keep It Moving, the publisher says:

One of the world’s legendary artists and bestselling author of The Creative Habit shares her secrets—from insight to action—for harnessing vitality, finding purpose as you age, and expanding one’s possibilities over the course of a lifetime in Twyla Tharp's newest New York Times bestseller Keep It Moving.

Merci to Rocki for her comments on the PBS documentary and for the tip on Twyla Tharp's latest book. How thrilling it must to have been to see Baryshnikov perform in a theater. Not once, but twice!

You can learn more about the Twyla Tharp documentary on its PBS page.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone