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|| 18 March 2018

Testing Charlotte Tilbury

The final work on the new book drags on — and on. I feel like that toy with its battery running down we used to see in that television commercial. I keep encountering technical problems involving the ebook version that seem to take hours to resolve. I am becoming weary of the project and wanting badly its completion.

So it was a nice distraction to test the samples of Charlotte Tilbury’s night cream and eye rescue cream. More . . .

15 March 2018

And Still More Crème de la Mer Comments

Several weeks ago I posted a link to an article on Elle about the very expensive skin cream Crème de la Mer. On Sunday I shared comments about the cream (and related skincare) from style and beauty writer Donna. Those comments now have their own page. Donna: Crème de las Mer.

Today I have for you comments about the cream from our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat who has used Crème de la Mer — and other La Mer products. Read Kat: Crème de la Mer.

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|| 8 February 2018

Truth Or Marketing In Skincare

As you can tell from the past two Nouvelles, I am working on the skincare chapter of the new book. I might even be able to — finally — finish the chapter before bedtime tonight. That is . . . if I can continue to ignore the dirty dishes in the sink and the moldering laundry in the hamper. As well as the treadmill in the center of the kitchen placed there to remind myself to exercise.

When so many reasonably-priced and effective skincare products are available, questions always arise about the extremely pricey ones. Are the several hundred dollars you are asked to pay for a small jar of face cream justified by expensive ingredients and a more effective product? Or are you just paying for genius marketing?

The background stories of some skincare lines can sometimes provide answers to those questions.

The Truth About Crème de la Mer

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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