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|| 24 May 2020

Covid-19’s Effect on Fashion: An Expert’s Opinion

What will be Covid-19’s ultimate effect on the way we dress? WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan interviewed former creative director at Vogue Andre Leon Talley for an expert’s opinion.

Peggy Noonan begins her conversation with the fashion expert about two-thirds into a column titled A Plainer People In a Plainer Time.

Though I cannot quite agree with Peggy Noonan’s statement: “The world has admired and imitated America’s crisp chic.” Crisp chic? Okay. Peggy Noonan lives in New York City. Perhaps if she had made a more general survey of American current trends in dressing, she might temper that opinion. Anyway . . . Her column contains lengthy quotes from Andre Leon Talley who knows everyone who is anyone in French fashion. Especially Parisian fashion.

Women will always want to look smart, neat and well groomed. There’s nothing like a woman who has put on a simple white cotton button-front shirt, a simple skirt, and she has taken a beautiful cotton or linen or silk scarf and neatly knotted it at the chin or the nape of her neck. — Andre Leon Talley

You can read A Plainer People In a Plainer Time on Peggy Noonan’s website.

|| 20 May 2020

Does Obesity Make You More Vulnerable to Covid-19?

One thing I noticed: they were obese. In the early days of the Covid-19 outbreak, when you would often see photos in the media of those who had died from the virus, one thing I noticed was that all of these victims were obese.

So, as I have followed the information about Covid-19 these months, I have stayed alert to any information about the connection between Covid-19 and obesity.

From the currently available statistics, the brutal facts: if you are obese, if you catch Covid-19, you will be more likely to suffer a severe case. If you are obese, you will be more likely to die. More . . .

Accessing New York Times Information

Currently the New York Times is making its coronavirus information free to all. Any of you who have taken advantage of this free information, have discovered that there is much information on the site available only to subscribers. Much of this information concerns France and other topics of Chic & Slim interest.

Penelope in Westchester County who shared her “shopping in the epicenter” experience last March, sent information on a current low-price offer for New York Times subscriptions. Merci, Penelope.

For a limited time the Times is offering a special rate of $1 per week (instead of its $4.25 per week). This will be billed in 4-week segments of $4 for one year. You can find more information about the offer at the link below.

New York Times special subscription rate