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|| 10 December 2017

Working Hard

I am at a point in the book where I do not dare interrupt the work to write a Nouvelles—else I will lose my flow of thought on this current chapter. When I do take a break, I must do laundry. While I am determined to finish this book as quickly as possible, I am not so determined that I am willing to do without fresh underwear in order to finish the book more quickly. Check back on Thursday 14 December. I will try to have something interesting for you then. à bientôt — Anne

|| 7 December 2017

French Family Life

The days pass swiftly. I was up at 4:30 AM this morning and directly, with tea, at work on the book. Straight through till 11:30 AM when I took a break for lunch. Before I go back to the book, here is a link to an article about French family life. Even though the Guardian article was published in 2011, it seems a reasonably accurate portrait of French family life in the 21st century. I was interested by the high tech food shopping as a means of financial discipline.

The life of a French family

|| 3 December 2017


Holidays are hectic. Don't forget you need to take some time out to rest. So you will stay healthier and look prettier. Cats are wonderful nappers. Today Catnap at Provence-sur-la-Prairie.

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|| 30 November 2017


Almost any illness can cause dizziness. Last winter when I had flu, it was accompanied by that brand of dizziness that makes it appear as if everything is spinning round you. Interesting. But if it hits you when you are out putting fresh water in the birdbath, you may have to get back to the house on your hands and knees.

Researching dizziness I found this great Jane Brody article in The New York Times. It can help you sort out the various sorts of dizziness and decide if your dizziness is just an annoying symptom of whatever you are suffering — or if it is something else.

Getting Specific About Dizziness by Jane Brody

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