image that asks: Is Sugar a drug?

image: Sugar: A Drug?

|| 17 January 2019

Is Sugar A Drug?

When I think of the amount of sugar I consumed when I was a child, I am not surprised that I was obese. Given what we today know about the connection of high sugar consumption and health, I am surprised that I am not diabetic — or worse.

Somehow I missed Gary Taubes book ‘The Case Against Sugar’ when it was released a year ago — and when the author wrote a long article ‘Is sugar the world’s most popular drug?’ for The Guardian.

I thought by now I knew everything there was to know about sugar. But this article has information about sugar, the history of sugar, and about the sugar industry I had missed.

Though I do not feel a need for the elimination of ALL sugar from the diet as Gary Taubes seems to call for, I do try to minimize the amount of refined sugar in my diet. But as you could tell from my Marmalade Tea I posted a Sunday or so ago, I am not adverse to spreading a teaspoon of good marmalade on a slice of whole grain bread to enjoy with afternoon tea. Moderation. Moderation.

Is sugar the world’s most popular drug?

13 January 2019

Re-reading Chic & Slim for Weight Loss

Sometimes, something occurs in our lives that pushes us off the Chic & Slim track. According to numerous readers, an excellent way to get back on track is to re-read the Chic & Slim books. I was reminded of this when I recently received an email from Susann in Germany. More . . .

10 January 2019

A Different Perspective

Sometimes things look like something they are not. My little countertop humidifier (that I hope will save me from those nosebleeds that I suffered last winter when I let the air in my house become too dry) usually puts out an almost invisible spray of water vapor. But yesterday morning I noticed that sunlight from the window striking the vapor made it look like smoke. No, not smoke. Just a different perspective.

Personal experience accounts can often give us a different perspective. Today, a link to a recent article in which an American woman who could not afford cancer treatment in the USA moved to France for medical treatment. In the article, she describes her conversations with other patients in a French orthopedic surgeon’s waiting room. She is there in this case for a follow-up on her bunion surgery.

Of course, lower cost of living — especially for health care — is one reason many adult Americans of all ages, but especially retirees, are opting to live outside the USA.

What a French Doctor’s Office Taught Me About Health Care in NY Times