post-it notes planning on butcher paper attached to wall

image: post-it notes planning on butcher paper attached to wall

||18 February 2018

Getting What You Want

When I saw the image that accompanied today’s linked article, I smiled. This system of planning with post-it notes was the one I had been using for chapters in the new Chic & Slim Toujours. (Merci to my friend Joyce who sent me a generous supply of colorful Post-its for the work.)

Planning is a useful activity. Even if those plans do not work out, it is valuable to understand what you really want out of life — and what will be necessary to achieve your goals.

As I read the article, however, it occurred to me that at 73 making a lifetime plan would not be as arduous a task as if I had tackled the job at 21.

As for the new Toujours, I am nearing completion of the writing. I had hoped for a new book by Valentine’s. That did not happen. Perhaps Easter.

This simple strategy will help ensure you get what you want out of your life

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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|| 15 February 2018

Spray-on Facial Products

We are again having schizophrenic weather here at Provence-sur-la-Prairie. Monday the temperature never rose above freezing. Today we are in the mid-80s F. Tomorrow the daytime high will be in the 40s. The body struggles to adjust to the radical changes.

I had a question from Chic & Slim reader Joyce about spray-on makeup. For any kind of spray-on facial products, you must be cautious you do not inhale the spray — nor allow it to get into your eyes. I am currently particularly aware of the dangers of inhaling various chemicals. A few days ago, I received word that a cousin, a non-smoker, had been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. That was a reminder that there are many cancer-causing substances in our air, and others we can inhale when working with a spray product without adequate protection.

be chic, stay slim, be cautious — Anne Barone

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|| 8 February 2018

Truth Or Marketing In Skincare

As you can tell from the past two Nouvelles, I am working on the skincare chapter of the new book. I might even be able to — finally — finish the chapter before bedtime tonight. That is . . . if I can continue to ignore the dirty dishes in the sink and the moldering laundry in the hamper. As well as the treadmill in the center of the kitchen placed there to remind myself to exercise.

When so many reasonably-priced and effective skincare products are available, questions always arise about the extremely pricey ones. Are the several hundred dollars you are asked to pay for a small jar of face cream justified by expensive ingredients and a more effective product? Or are you just paying for genius marketing?

The background stories of some skincare lines can sometimes provide answers to those questions.

The Truth About Crème de la Mer

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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