yellow mums

image: yellow mums chez Anne

|| 21 October 2018

10 distractions for between-meal hunger

So many pleasures of autumn. I love crisp, clear days, the smell of woodsmoke in the air. And the bright colors of chrysanthemums. This autumn I bought a big pot of yellow mums for the front porch. Their bright little faces cheer me.

Those odd occurences of between-meal hunger can be a serious distraction. What to do to distract yourself from the distracting hunger? Today 10 suggestions. More . . .

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|| 18 October 2018

Solving The Mystery Of The Perpetually Damaged Fingernail

Aging is causing sufficient indignities to my hands. So when one fingernail on my left hand began showing damage while all the others were in beautiful condition, it was puzzling. And upsetting. It took me almost two years to FINALLY solve the mystery. (Sometimes I am slow. But I don't give up.) More . . .

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|| 14 October 2018

Last Swiss Finishing School

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a woman’s chances of marrying well (marrying money) depended on knowing correct behavior — and on the knowledge to oversee what that arbiter of good taste Emily Post called “a formally appointed home.” Hence young women were sent to “finishing schools.” The most prestigious of these schools were often found in Switzerland. In today’s changed world where knowledge that does not involve where to place the oyster fork in a place setting is important for women’s success, only one Swiss finishing school remains. More . . .