baker with racks of freshlly baked bread

image: baker in rural French bakery, excerpt from photo in linked article

|| 14 November 2019

Must Read French Bread Article

Always difficult to explain to people who have not lived in France — or who are not familiar with French culture — the importance of bread in French life.

A recent New York Times article focusing on the closing of the traditional boulangeries in small towns and villages all over France explains how the loss of these bread bakeries is destroying community life. More . . .

|| 7 November 2019

Why Most Americans Don't Eat French — and why they might

The 4 July Nouvelles celebrated the American Independence Day holiday introducing you to James E. McWiliams’ book A Revolution in Eating: How the Quest for Food Shaped America. Today more information from the book.

As someone who has written often about French food and French styles of eating, I found interesting the author’s discussion of why it might have been expected that the new American nation would adopt French foods and manner of eating as they rejected that of the British from whom they had won their independence — and why they did not. More . . .