garage building with apartment on right end

image: Provence-sur-la-Prairie garage and apartment building

|| 22 January 2021

Problems With Petunia — or Pepé

Yesterday you did not have a Thursday Nouvelles. The reason involved a problem with Petunia. Petunia is the name I have given the little skunk that has taken up residence here at Provence-sur-la Prairie. Perhaps Petunia is actually Pepé, as in Pepé Le Pew, the little amorous French skunk of Looney Tunes cartoon fame. In any case . . .

Several weeks ago, unknown to me, Petunia/Pepé had found a way into the bathroom of the apartment at the west end of my garage building. I have accustomed the skunk to the sound of my voice. Before I open the garage door where the skunk usually is, I always stand directly outside and speak.

But when, a couple of weeks ago, I went out to get some things I needed out of the apartment, not knowing the skunk was in the bathroom, I just opened the outside door to the apartment and started inside.


I startled the skunk and it sprayed. The odor was definitely beyond Febreze. So it was not until yesterday afternoon that the smell had faded enough that I felt comfortable entering the apartment to store the Christmas decorations and other items. I had accumulated a lot of stuff that needed to go to the apartment. When that job was finished, it was teatime. So no Nouvelles.

Petunia/Pepé has also complicated my efforts to trap Rocky Raccoon. And the black possum is back. Little Black Pogo, I am sorry to say, has become quite obese. In any case, with all the animals in residence, these days Provence-sur-la-Prairie seems like a wildlife refuge.

By the way, I did a Google search on what skunks eat. The information I found warned not to feed catfood to skunks. The What To Feed Your Pet Skunk page said that catfood was toxic to skunks.

Don’t believe it.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

|| 17 January 2021

Feeling Hopeful

When I looked out this morning and saw the sky awash in rosy pink, I thought this a hopeful omen. Things would soon be — if not la vie en rose — then at least better.

be chic, stay slim, be hopeful, — Anne Barone

|| 14 January 2021

Occasion Appropriate

During World War II, it was thought to show disrespect to those giving their lives on the battlefield in defense of democracy to wear low-necked or low-backed evening dresses. Likewise, at this time of political crisis in the USA, to write about fashion or weight control would seem perhaps to show disrespect to the seriousness of the time. I shall try to keep my comments in the context of the moment.

It was encouraging to note that Donald Trump has released a video calling on his supporters to refrain from further violence and destruction. If that does not dissuade them, perhaps the battle garb and the weaponry of the troops in the US capitol to keep order and guard various buildings will.

This morning I was startled to read that Lady Gaga would be singing the National Anthem at the Inauguration ceremonies on 20 January. Also Jennifer Lopez would be giving a “musical performance.” Presidential inauguration as rock concert strikes a traditionalist as I am as frivolous for these serious times.

In any case, I do hope these women wear more clothing than in which they are usually photographed. I lived five winters in the Washington, DC area, and Januarys can be quite cold. This is an outdoor event.

The Inauguration of John Kennedy in 1961 is remembered as one of the coldest on record. At the last minute a fur lining had to be added to the wool coat that Jacqueline Kennedy, the new First Lady, wore for the occasion.

Dressing appropriately for the weather — and for the seriousness of the occasion or venue — is always chic.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone