models of different body sizes wearing versions of a pink swimsuit

image: models of different body sizes wearing versions of a pink Land's End swimsuit

|| 24 May 2018

Seeing Swimsuits On Different Body Sizes

Memorial Day is next Monday. For many, this holiday involves beaches or pools. And beaches and pools mean swimsuits. A swimsuit that looks good on our body and is comfortable for our activities can make exercises such as swimming, toning legs walking through shallow water, or water aerobics much more pleasant. When swimsuit shopping, it is useful to see how a particular swimsuit style looks on our body type. More . . .

|| 20 May 2018

Victoria Special French Issue

Every year I look forward to Victoria magazine’s Special French Issue. I find this year’s edition (May-June 2018) especially delightful. The cover and a seven-page article focus on the elegance of the blue and white color combination. In this Nouvelles I share with you some of my own blue and white pieces that give me so much pleasure. More . . .

Chic & Slim Toujours 2: More Aging Beautifully Like Those Chic French Women

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|| 17 May 2018

Colette Maze: Secrets to Aging Beautifully

This morning I received an email from Joyce in Griggs who wrote: "Yesterday as I was driving to town, I was listening to public radio. They were playing a piano piece from a new release by a French woman Colette Maze.  It was her first release - she was 104 years old.  I would say that she aged beautifully."

Aging beautifully, bien sûr. Recently Colette Maze shared her secrets of longevity with Jérôme Garcin of the weekly French news magazine L’Obs. More . . .

|| 19 April 2018

Focus on the New

After months of hard work, it is fun when positive reactions to a new book begin arriving. Recently Karen in Rosemount wrote:

Hi Anne, I started reading the book yesterday. Love it. Everything you write about is so interesting. There is so much in there I have never heard of. You put a lot of time into researching the material in the book. — Karen

Yes, I did put in a lot of time researching the book. Much is changing in France in style and skincare, certainly for women of certain age. Much that appears in the French women’s publications does not make it to the American media — or at least without considerable delay. Also there are any number of interesting chic French women (or those of other European nationalities, but with same approach to style as French women) that are never written about in English-language style publications.

In researching and writing the all-new Toujours 2, I focused on presenting you with the newest and most current in useful products and techniques that chic French women use to such good advantage. And I tried to focus on people, techniques and products that you might not be familiar.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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