flowered china teapot and cups on lace

image: teatime image from cover of the mystery novel The Killings at Badger's Drift

|| 6 August 2020

Afternoon Tea Menu

Whenever I read mysteries, I am always alert for instances of afternoon tea drinking. Particularly I am interested in what the characters eat with their tea at teatime. As you can imagine, I like to collect ideas of foods that I can enjoy with my own afternoon teas.

The most elaborate tea menu in my memory was in The Killings at Badger’s Drift, a mystery novel by Caroline Graham. First published in 1987 the book was revived in a Felony & Mayhem Press edition in 2005. Today I share with you Miss Simpson's tea menu. More . . .

|| 2 August 2020

Donkey's Milk

Last Sunday at the end of the linked article on Audrey Hepburn, you may have noted that the author Pierluigi Orunesu's business was donkey's milk. This product is popular for babies whose mother's have difficulty nursing — and for making cosemetics and soap. The pandemic has given the donkey's milk business a boost.

Ann Leslie in New York was intrigued by the idea of donkey's milk and did further research. Here is what she found about Pierluigi Orunesu's business and about donkey milk in general. More . . .

|| 26 July 2020

Life At Audrey Hepburn’s La Paisible

Several weeks ago when I was writing about my own peaceful garden, I mentioned La Paisible, The Peaceful, Audrey Hepburn’s property in Switzerland. Pierluigi Orunesu is the son of the gardener who maintained Audrey Hepburn’s gardens at La Paisible. He grew up on the property. In 2019 he reminisced about his life there in an article on Medium.

Read An Inside Look Into Audrey Hepburn’s Home, La Paisible