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|| 22 May 2019

Toxic Ingredients in Beauty Products

Here at Provence-sur-la-Prairie we are under tornado watch. Again. Since my Internet service comes in over a somewhat precarious line, as a precaution I am uploading the Nouvelles I planned for tomorrow a day early.

We are always looking for the secrets for French (and other European) women's beauty. One factor might be that many harmful ingredients allowed in beauty products in the USA are banned in the EU. If you have concerns, it might be a good idea to learn what these ingredients are and try to avoid them in the products you buy. These days I read labels.Very carefully.

US cosmetics are full of chemicals banned by Europe – why? in The Guardian

|| 19 May 2019

De-Cluttering the Bathroom — and Making It More French

When I first began to visit French homes, they looked almost bare. French households contained far less stuff than American households. Soon I began to see how clutter-free living helped chic French women stay slim and freer from stress. Some of us, however, do not want to live as minimalist as the French. But we would like to better organize all the things that we have. And, of course, have well-decorated and comfortable living spaces.

Here are some Wirecutter ideas for organizing your bathrooms.

And if your bathroom does not have room for that essential to the French bathroom, the bidet, you can install a Bidet Toilet Seat or Washlet.

|| 16 May 2019

Bra Shopping for the Flat-Chested

My mother was a 44 DD. Most of my life I have had trouble filling out a 34 A. No wonder my younger brother thought I was adopted.

One of the million things I loved about France was that bras available in French stores were modeled on women more like me: small bone structure and small breasts. Shopping for bras in the USA has only become more difficult as the years pass. Such a great percentage of the female population are generously endowed — some with the assistance of silicone. Bra manufacturers cater to those large breasts.

But there is hope for the flat-chested shopping for bras.

Bra Shopping for the Flat-Chested