thawing snow on shrubs, trees and ground

image: Provence-sur-la-Prairie thawing early morning Sunday 21 Feb 2021

|| 21 February 2021

Texas Freeze Austin: Report From Rocki

Here at Provence-sur-la-Prairie the worst of the Texas Freeze and its outages seems to be over. Unfortunately that is not true for other parts of Texas. Friday I had an email from Rocki in Austin about the continuing problems there. More . . .

|| 18 February 2021

Alive and Well — So Far

No doubt you are aware that Texas, the state in which I live in the northern part, has been hit by abnormally frigid winter storm and widespread power blackouts. I was well prepared, and I did not suffer as badly as millions of Texas residents have. Some are still without heat, water and electricity. But it was not an experience I would want to repeat. More . . . (Note: Scroll down Texas Freeze page to access this first part of the article.)

|| 14 February 2021

Sister Andrée’s 117th Birthday

Currently, the oldest person in Europe is Sister Andrée, a French nun who Thursday celebrated her 117th birthday — with a wonderful French meal and lots of media coverage.Karen in Rosemount’s diligent research turned up photos and more information about Sister Andrée’s birthday. More . . .

|| 7 February 2021

Substitutions = Improvements. Sometimes

Of course your chances of having a recipe turning out well is far more likely if you have all the ingredients. But sometimes the substitution for one of the ingredients that you do not happen to have on hand can actual produce an improvement in taste. You like the dish better with the substitution. More . . .

|| 31 January 2021

Murray's Cheese Order

Not long after Thanksgiving, when the weather began to cool making it safer for shipping food products, and Murray’s Cheese offered a 25% discount for Cyber Monday, I placed my first order for cheese from the Murray’s Cheese online store.

You likely remember the previous Nouvelles in which I shared with you the recommendation for Murray’s cheeses made by the longtime reader of Chic & Slim Betty whose son is a cheesemaker for Murray’s. More . . .