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|| 10 May 2018

A Reader Comments on Chic & Slim Toujours 2

Dear Anne:

I have finished reading your latest book; your well-written, very informative book.

All the research and people you spoke with definitely comes through in each chapter. There is not just a couple pages to each chapter; there are many pages. I like that you give suggestions for treatments or lifestyle changes, and give reasons why for these changes.

I also like that you covered everything.......eyes, hair, skin, body, etc. Health encompasses every part of our bodies AND mind/outlook.

In the chapter "Aging Beautifully", in the second paragraph you write about aging is perhaps only 30% genetically determined. What principally determines how quickly or slowly one ages are lifestyle choices. Oh how true! I have talked with people, women especially, who looked like they were in their late 60's, early 70's, only to find out out they were 48-50. On the other hand, I've talked with women who were in their late 60's, early 70's who looked like they were 45-48. Those people took care of themselves and made healthy lifestyle choices.

I agree with what you wrote about the older you are, the more irrelevant your birth date is to your true biological age. I know a woman, who on her 90th birthday, chose to go zip-lining. She is very active and always on the go; has a tremendous amount of energy, AND, is always happy. I have never seen her in a grumpy mood, and I've been able to observe her when she was not aware of it.

I find myself sometimes gently "correcting" my Mom, who turns 85 July 2nd. She will say something like, "I can't do this or that; I'm 84. I'm old". I will gently let her know that age is ONLY a number, and if a person is healthy and has a positive attitude, they can do things easily, or somewhat easily.

I am 62; I will turn 63 this year. Having said this, I still feel like I'm 28. I have to stop and think about actually being 62. Besides adopting healthy physical habits, I have been making it a habit for the past year to have a positive emotional/mental attitude. I work on creating peace within myself, and try not to let everything that is negative impact my attitude. Not always easy, but in my opinion, if I work on this as a positive "habit", it becomes easier.

Angry, negative, depressed people often do not live long. These emotions cut short their ability to live a happy, fruitful life.

Fondly, Vicki