Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat at Colmar Canal

|| 16 October 2016

More Certain Age Chic in Colmar

Our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat (photo above) reported recently on certain age chic in Colmar, France. (See the 13 October Nouvelles further down the page.) That 13 October Nouvelles gave two chic examples. Unfortunately, those two were the exception to the general certain age style she observed. In reading Kat’s "not chic" comments following, keep in mid that while the women wearing these styles were all certain age, they were not all French. Colmar in late summer hosts tourists from all over. Still, it is good advice for what not to wear if you want to look chic. Kat wrote:

Sorry to say, among the “certain age” set, three elements prevail. 1) The Angela Merkel/Nicola Sturgeon haircut. 2) Floppy T-shirts over floppy mid-calf pants in horrid prints. 3) Ghastly velcro & webbing sandals or equally ghastly trainers and always acres of sweaty, sun-damaged sagging skin. I can offer one solution to the footwear problem. In a word “FITFLOPS.” All manner of styles from sandals to ballerinas and boots available online. Supper comfortable & chic.

I had discovered FITFLOPS in articles in French fashion magazines. (But have never worn them myself.) They seem, however, to be a footwear solution when one reaches a point in life where one wants comfort as well as chic. Another Chic & Slim reader recommends Arcopedico shoes. I have had good luck with Walking Cradles. Some styles are chicer than others.

|| 13 October 2016

Certain Age Chic in Colmar

As I told you some weeks ago, I am behind in sharing with you reports sent by our Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat. Late summer she visited Colmar in France’s Alsace region. This lovely city sits in that eastern section of France whose possession over the centuries has passed back and forth between Germany and France.

While in Colmar, Kat spotted two excellent examples of “certain age chic.” As you will see in her report, chic is becoming less formal. But even so, still very chic. Kat wrote:

I promised you two examples of "certain age" chic: the first, spotted in Colmar, was a lady of about our age [late 60s, early 70s], not tall, certainly not thin, in fact with a bit of a "certain age tummy". Lovely head of wavy grey hair, worn in a casual chin length bob, perfect makeup (at breakfast!). Dressed in a form fitting dark green long sleeved T shirt with tiny horizontal olive green stripes, a calf length olive green skirt, cut quite wide, with a high waist and a self-tied sash. Grey tights, flat dark grey moccasins. She looked exquisite. She was German, surprisingly.

The second, also seen in Colmar, was a complete contrast. In her mid 60's, I would guess, tall, very slim, with jet black hair cut in a Louise Brooks bob, lots of eye makeup, vivid red lipstick. Dressed in black from top to toe, in various textures: fitted long sleeved T-shirt, with a sort of gauzy open shirt on top, harem pants (the ones with the low seat, baggy all the way down, then tight at the ankle,) and - wait for it - LES BASKETS!! Yep, "certain age" women in France have, at last, accepted trainers as street wear, BUT not a Nike or other logo to be seen. The pair this woman was wearing were shiny, almost spangly black, and they suited her, and her exotic outfit, perfectly.

Other women I noticed were wearing variations on the look, but in a sort of ironic way, with mid calf skirts, slightly cropped pants, or jeans skirts. Never with jeans: they wear jeans mostly with sandals, heeled or flat, or with converses, or tennis shoes.

I was not surprised that the first example of certain age chic was German. I have a German friend who lived many years in Freiburg, Germany, not far from Colmar. She did her clothes shopping in the very elegant shops in Strasbourg, France. Though German, she was the epitome of French chic.

Milles mercis to Special Correspondent Kat for another interesting Chic & Slim report.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

Image : Chic & Slim Special Correspondent Kat at Canal in Colmar

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