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Anne's fireplace painting in progress (left) fireplace painted (right)

|| 30 October 2016

Photos To Chart Project Progress

The temptation was strong. I was tempted to tell you how, in one week, I had managed to have been bitten by spiders, fire ants, chiggers and a mosquito. But that I had spotted and killed the large assassin bug before it got me. (Having been badly bitten by one of these horrible creatures in North Africa some years ago, I am especially thankful for my escape.) Instead of bemoaning bug bites, I will extol the benefits of diagnostic photos.

Photos are an excellent way to chart progress in a project — personal style, redecorating, gardening, whatever. With compact cameras reasonably priced and cameras on smartphones, almost everyone can easily make diagnostic digital images. (Selfies do have benefits.) And we will achieve a more realistic and unbiased appraisal from a photo than from a friend, Believe me !

When we make substantial improvement, photos give us satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. When last I showed you my living room fireplace, painting was in progress (image left). Now the fireplace (image right) looks much better as I get ready to pull up the old carpet. These photos make me feel that my months of hard work were worth the effort. But I confess to feeling apprehensive about whether this color scheme will work with my furniture and decorator items the way I imagine it will. We shall see.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

P.S. Halloween treats are tempting. Moderation. Moderation. Remember Halloween to New Year's is the time of year we are most likely to gain excess weight. Enjoy. Just don't enjoy too much.

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|| 27 October 2016

Biting & Inspiring: Rattlesnakes, Chiggers & Chinaberries

For those of you who may have read in the media that my city is having a serious problems with rattlesnakes, I want to reassure you that I have a good “rattlesnake protection force” chez moi. I wish I could say the same for those pesky chiggers. (They got me again and I’m rather miserable.) More . . .

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|| 23 October 2016

Les Inventions: Touchemoulin Album

Since I began my project of prepping, patching and painting those many months ago, audiobooks and podcasts have educated and entertained me as I worked. Sarah Bakewell’s Life of Montaigne got me through the dining room. By the time, I had listened to that audiobook through twice, I was definitely convinced that the lifestyle of choice was to turn the management of the estate over to a competent spouse, leave work to the peasants, and ensconce yourself in a tower with the cat and write.

Military historian Jean Edward Smith’s biography of Bush got me halfway through the living room. Absolutely amazing how much I had already forgotten about the Iraq War. The living room work continued with podcasts, most about photography and design, with some side trips into the bizarre circus otherwise known as our election campaign.

But when fatigue set in, or I began to doubt I would ever, ever finish the work, I would turn to music. One album I found particularly cheering and energizing was symphonies and concertos by a little known French classical composer Joseph Touchemoulin recorded by a French-based classical music group Les Inventions. More . . .

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