Left: Cover of Marie France Coaching Rondes. Right: 2 page spread showing larger sized models wearing dresses

|| 10 July 2016

Skinny Jeans For Rondes - page 2

In the image shown above, pages 24 and 25 of the guide Coaching Rondes, you will notice that the jeans in the image lower left and in the two images furthest right are shown on tall rather than “round” models. The numbers that you see adjacent to each of the images are the French sizes in which these jeans are available. I added these numbers to the image because the type showing this sizing information was so small that it is impossible to read on screen.

The boot cut jeans largest size available is French size 58. The largest skinny jeans available are size 56. (hip measurement 131 − 135 cm / 51.5 − 53 inches) The jeans are shown in the upper left of the right hand page. Jean slim Suki effect délavé Price: 189.99 Euros.

May I gently suggest to those who require the larger sizes in jeans, that the skinny jean may not be your most flattering choice. Nor the most comfortable. Certain body shapes and sizes would better choose more classic styles such as straight leg jeans over the trendy. And those of certain age might think carefully before choosing a trendy skinny jean. Especially if one were not super slim.

One more bit of jeans style advice: With any pant style, and more importantly with jeans, before making that final decision to purchase, view your back side in the mirror.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone