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|| 8 September 2016

Yoga For Bone Health

No one wants to develop osteoporosis. Among other negatives, it makes it more difficult to look chic.

Medicine has come up with bone-loss drugs — all that seem to have unpleasant side effects. But studies suggest that yoga may be a good way to maintain bone health. Twelve minutes a day seems to be sufficient to get results. Even if you are of a youthful age that possible osteoporosis seems remote, it is never too early to begin good health habits that will keep you chic and slim as the years advance. An important lesson I learned from chic French women was that if you want to be chic and slim toujours, forever, it is easier if you start early.

The Huffington Post article has photos of the yoga poses that are said to be effective.

Jane Brody wrote about yoga for bone health in The NY Times

A pilot study by Dr. Loren M. Fishman of Columbia University.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone

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