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|| 21 june 2015

Searching for Cats & Slim Solutions

Some irony in that all week as I persistently searched for my missing cat, the media was filled with stories about the hunt for the two escaped convicts from the New York prison. Unfortunately I was having about as much luck finding my dear little kitty as the searchers were having finding the escapees. Rain and mosquitoes made both searches more difficultly and uncomfortable.

Of course, you can’t give up when the goal is important. But failure, the lack of achieving your goal after much effort, is fatiguing. Not just bodily fatigue. Your brain feels tired from trying to come up with one more idea — one that just might work when the others did not.

At what point do you determine that you have tried everything and there is nothing else left to try?

When it comes to becoming slim, of course, you never stop searching until you find that best method for you. But if you have not yet refined your system to perfection, you may need to take a break from intense effort and see what positive might transpire. This is what blasé is all about. But for some things it is difficult to be blasé. Still, at some point you still must try.

Several years ago, just before I moved from that apartment to the little cottage, a semi-feral cat I had more of less adopted went missing. Because I was moving more than a mile away and I needed to take the cat with me to the new location, my searching became very intense. No sign of the cat. The neighbors were keeping an eye out. After I moved, for weeks I went back to the old neighborhood and walked the streets and alleys looking for that cat. No sign of the cat.

NINE MONTHS LATER at 10:30 PM I heard a cat meowing under my bedroom window. I looked out and the security light was shining down on that ivory-colored, blue-eyed cat. Where he had been for nine months and how he found me and my other cat, I never learned. But there he was.

Sometimes when you search and search, what you are searching for finds you.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone