Intro page Coaching Rondes Jeans Section - large size model wearing jeans

|| 10 July 2016

Skinny Jeans For Rondes ?

Coaching Rondes, the French women’s magazine Marie France’s guide for large sizes, devotes no less than 8 pages to a special section on jeans.

The Intro page you see in the image above carries the title: Le Jean: Nous Va Si Bien. Jeans: They Suit Us So Well. The intro reads:

Incontournable de notre dressing, le jean, c’est un peu notre meilleur ami : il y en a toujours un qu’on aimera plus que les autres et avec lequel on se sentira éternellement bien. Il suffit de trouver le bon !

A must for our wardrobe: jeans. They are a bit our best friend: there is always one pair you love more than others and with which you will feel eternally good. Just find the right pair!

I will leave it to you, the reader, to decide if the model pictured on the intro pages has found “the right pair.” They are Jean Boyfriend Claudia and available in French sizes 42 to 54 (USA 12, UK 14 to USA 22, UK 26). Price: 49.99 Euros.

Skinny Jeans For Rondes - 2