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2 July 2015

UK Vogue Festival Interview Bobbi Brown & Kate Upton

Our London Chic & Slim Correspondent Reports

Recently UK Vogue held a festival that not only covered fashion topics, but, as Vogue announced:

The talk topics don't only cover fashion - Bobbi Brown will be opening up on the secrets of her success in the beauty world, alongside Kate Upton, with Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman, while a panel of wellbeing experts - Ella Woodward, James Duigan, Andy Puddicombe and Calgary Avansino - will share simple strategies that make a big difference. 

Our Chic & Slim correspondent in London attended the Bobbi Brown - Kate Upton - Alexandra Shulman session. She commented in an email:

One of your great exports, Bobbi Brown, was in London recently, along with her "face" of the moment, Kate Upton, being interviewed by the editor of UK Vogue, Alexandra Schulman.

I thought I might as well trot along and listen, and found it extremely entertaining. BB and KU both came across as intelligent, amusing and pleasant people (the word "like" did not pass the lips of either, by the way...) but it was Ms. Schulman who stole the show.

Overweight, unstyled hair flopping over her face, and endlessly self deprecating, in a way only British women know how to be. "Oooh, is that your new brightening brick? What's it for??" "Oooh, I never know what to do about my face!" After a half hour of this, BB finally lost patience, and said "And you're editor of British Vogue??"

For those of us whose idea of a Vogue editor is ultra chic and slim Anna Wintour, editor of US Vogue, Alexandra Schulman is something of a puzzlement.

be chic, stay slim — Anne Barone